Join Far-Flung Research Trips Via Scientists' Summer Blogs

Scientists Marco Tedesco, left, and Will Harcourt-Smith test their video power on Broadway to prepare for blogging on their research expeditions.

Fossils of the first apes, coral reef habitats and measuring the polar ice caps are the focus of summer scientific study by researchers at Lehman College, Baruch College and City College.

And while these researchers are off to explore their worlds, the rest of us can follow their progress via a University-sponsored blog that will feature live video feeds, slide shows and written updates at

Marco Tedesco, assistant professor of earth and atmospheric science at City College, will be off to Greenland and Iceland, where he and two graduate students will take ground and satellite measurements of polar ice caps. Tedesco's blog, "Melting of the Poles," will include video and still photographs.

David Gruber, professor of natural sciences at Baruch College, is heading south - to the Caribbean. He'll be at Little Cayman Research Station, where he will use a remotely operated vehicle equipped with a high-definition camera to take video "transects" of coral reef 600 feet below the surface. He will also assemble a team of deep divers to take samples to look for genetic connections between deep and shallow reef. Gruber will then travel to the Mideast to conduct comparative deep reef studies in the Red Sea.

Will Harcourt-Smith, a paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History who will begin a faculty appointment at Lehman College in the fall, will head for East Africa. He and three graduate students will be on Rusinga Island in Kenya, surveying and excavating fossils of the first apes. The site is considered to be the oldest of its kind in the world - 18 million years old.

Tedesco, Gruber and Harcourt-Smith are emblematic of a new generation of University scholars who seek to maximize the use of web-based technologies in support their research endeavors. And they are pleased to share their adventures in real-time through the multimedia platform of CUNY's Decade of Science website.

As Chancellor Matthew Goldstein explains, "CUNY's Decade of Science renews the University's commitment to science, math, technology and engineering fields by advancing science at the highest levels, training students to teach in these areas, encouraging young people to study in these disciplines and supporting major faculty research."

The site is being established to showcase the wide array of scientific education and research being conducted throughout CUNY. Please visit the site for more information about e-mail subscriptions and RSS feeds."