CUNY's Summer '08: Hot Town, Cool Colleges

Summer in the City It’s not even June yet, but Summer in the City—CUNY’s expanded effort to draw New Yorkers and newcomers to its vast summer offerings—is underway. An inviting, new “one-stop-shopping” website makes it easy to locate courses, cultural events, test-prep, kids’ enrichment and other activities on the University’s 23 campuses.

CUNY launched the effort as a way to increase enrollment and provide services during the summer months, not only to City University of New York students, but also to those enrolled at other colleges and looking to jump-start school or move more quickly toward graduation. The summer focus also shows off CUNY’s high-quality array of programs, events and facilities to the general public, to learn about and to sample.

Click to to explore CUNY’s summer programs. The sunny, blue-and-orange-themed home page provides links both to find CUNY courses and register for them, and to tour individual CUNY campus websites. Other links and sub-pages list selected summer events on the campuses, enrichment programs for kids and teens, and other activities. Each college is creating its own “summer” website that spotlights additional campus-based features and offerings.

“This is an example of the integrated university at its best,” Chancellor Matthew Goldstein said. “Students will have a universe of courses to choose among at colleges in all five boroughs. They can speed their graduation and participate in campus events that pique their interest, as well,” he said.

Summertime study is nothing new at CUNY; more than 600,000 students have taken summer courses at the University since 1990, and last summer close to 70,000 took one or more courses at a CUNY college.

But with this year’s inviting website combined with an extensive communications and marketing program, CUNY is a contender. There are more summer courses and enrichment experiences than at any other educational institution in the city, along with an outstanding array of galleries, sports facilities, pools, an Atlantic Ocean beachfront, cafés, theaters and concert halls around the city.

The aim of “Summer in the City” is to publicize CUNY’s outstanding variety of high-quality courses, faculty and facilities; to offer credit and non-credit courses to CUNY students and to those home from studying elsewhere; to help CUNY students accumulate credits and progress more quickly to graduation; to expose non-CUNY students—pre-college and those enrolled elsewhere—to CUNY campuses; to familiarize parents of potential students with CUNY; to expand the perception of the academic year to 12 months, and to maximize use of CUNY’s extensive facilities in the summer.

For high school students, there are new opportunities as well. “CUNY’s College Now high school programs have started to encourage more creative and interesting summer programs, including art, jazz band, and psychology,” said John Mogulescu, senior university dean for academic affairs and dean of the School of Professional Studies.

More than 30,000 students in more than 250 New York City public high schools participate in College Now, a dual enrollment program with all 17 CUNY undergraduate colleges. CUNY’s major collaboration with the city’s Department of Education, College Now helps students to meet high school graduation requirements, ensures they are ready for college work without needing remediation, and offers college credit courses.