Faculty Honors

Chemists' Invention Featured

Dr. Michael Mirkin and his team of chemists at Queens College recently were featured in Chemistry World for their development of an electrochemical syringe that delivers solutions via a tip so small it can easily be inserted into living cells without damaging the cell membrane. Their findings also were recently published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Award to Lehman's President

President Ricardo R. Fernández of Lehman received the President's Award of Excellence from the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities for expanding educational opportunities for Hispanic students and advancing HACU's mission. Dr. Fernández, who is Chair of the American Council on Education, was recently named one of America's "100 Most Influential Hispanics" by Hispanic Business magazine.

Linking Geography and Evolution

CCNY's Professor Robert Anderson received $135,000 from the NSF to use computer mapping and DNA sequencing to study the distribution and evolutionary relationships among species of the spiny pocket mouse genus Heteromys in northwestern South America. He'll travel to Venezuela with graduate student Ali Raza and undergrad Mariya Shcheglovitova to collect tissue samples for DNA sequencing. Ph.D. student Eliecer Gutierrez will conduct taxonomy research with Dr. Anderson that is expected to identify at least two new species within the genus.

Fulbright for Nurse-Researcher

Professor Patricia Cholewka of CityTech, a nurse-researcher of Lithuanian ancestry, spent the fall semester at Vilnius University, Lithuania, on a Fulbright Award. Dr. Cholewka lectured and conducted research on the application of information technology to nursing education and clinical practice, and gathered information about its impact on nursing practice there. She also exchanged ideas  about nursing practice standards and the effective use of IT in nursing education and patient care.

Management Scholar Honored

S. Prakash Sethi, University Distinguished Professor of Management at Baruch, has been elected to the International Academy of Management, the highest honor for an international management scholar. Renowned for originating corporate codes of conduct, Professor Sethi's research and writing in business ethics and corporate social responsibility span more than three decades. He is president of Baruch's International Center for Corporate Accountability, an independent non-profit think tank.