New Resources for Job Seekers


Vice Chancellors Moore, left, and Hershenson, center, meet with Commiscioner Groenwegen.

The University is launching an expanded career services and employment initiative for students and graduates to help identify job and career opportunities with various state agencies, the U.S. Census Bureau, the New York State Unified Court System and the New York City Board of Elections.

In a difficult economy, CUNY needs to be "out in front" in lining up employment opportunities and internships for students and graduates, as well as providing career counseling and guidance, Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations Jay Hershenson said. The new campaign is designed to supplement and support the ongoing efforts by career development centers at the colleges.

University officials including Hershenson, Vice Chancellor for Student Development Garrie W. Moore and Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management Gloriana B. Waters met recently with New York State Department of Civil Service Commissioner Nancy G. Groenwegen to discuss job opportunities for students and graduates. Representatives from York College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Medgar Evers College and CUNY's Black Male Initiative also attended. The meeting was held with the assistance of New York Secretary of State Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez.

Commissioner Groenwegen reported about a new Professional Careers Test (PCT) that will be offered early in 2009 by the Civil Service Department. The PCT is geared towards filling 1,500 full-time jobs encompassing 55 different professional positions in government statewide.

Applicants who wish to take the test are required to have a bachelor's degree, the commissioner noted. Among positions for which vacancies exist are Health Program Administrator, Child Support Specialist, Budget Examiner, Management Specialist and Criminal Justice Program Represent-ative. Salaries are approximately $38,000 for a 1st Year Traineeship, $42,000 for a 2nd Year Traineeship and $51,000 for a 3rd Year Journey Level employee.

Many of these jobs are expected to be in the New York metropolitan area, which includes New York City as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland Counties. Nearly 28 percent of the state's 170,000 employees work in the metropolitan area. Many state employment opportunities elsewhere are in regions where the state is investing in economic development.

Commissioner Groenwegen said that although Gov. David A. Paterson recently announced a statewide hiring freeze, CUNY students should take the new PCT in anticipation of the positions being filled on an emergency basis or the lifting of the freeze. She also advised those who plan to take the test to prepare for it.

The University is exploring partnering arrangements with labor unions in order to offer students and graduates test-preparation opportunities for the PCT, Senior Vice Chancellor Hershenson and Vice Chancellor Moore said.

CUNY officials also are working with U.S. Census representatives to publicize and recruit candidates for recently announced jobs. Hiring for full-time and part-time employees begins this fall and early next year for the 2010 census, with peak hiring in the spring of 2010. Among positions that will be available in the New York Region are Administrative Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator, Area Manager, Enumerator, and Field Operations Supervisor—as well as a variety of administrative, secretarial and clerical jobs. For more information about these and other positions, visit census.

In addition, CUNY is collaborating with the New York State Unified Court System to recruit students for positions as court interpreters. Currently, courts throughout the state have a crucial need for part-time, full-time and freelance interpreters in South Asian/Far East languages (including Burmese, Thai and Vietnamese); India-based languages (such as Hindi and Punjabi); African languages (including Somali and Tigrinya); and American Sign Language.

Finally, CUNY has been working with the New York City Board of Elections on a poll-worker initiative for its students.

The University has created, a website with more information.

The new CUNY Jobs Initiative is designed to supplement the work of the career development centers located on the University's campuses. These centers provide students and alumni with a host of services including career counseling and planning, vocational testing, job fairs, career days, internship fairs and networking opportunities.