Health and Human Services

Protecting health and providing essential human services.

Community Health Applied Research Network (CFDA #93.420): $2 million for 1 award for a new center to coordinate activities across research nodes in the following areas: administration; functions; central data management; and technical assistance in study design, data infrastructure, and analytic methods. Applications are due 6/9/10 and can be accessed here.


Justice and law enforcement.

NEW Evaluation of Recovery Act State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance (CFDA #16.809 and 16.810): Funds to evaluate three Recovery Act programs funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance: $1.4 million for up to 4 awards to evaluate the Edward Byrne Memorial Competitive Grant Program; $1.25 million for up to 4 awards to evaluate Assistance to Rural Law Enforcement to Combat Crime and Drugs; and $300,000 for 1 award to evaluate Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity Stemming from the Southern Border of the United States. Applications are due 6/1/10 and can be accessed at <pdf>

National Institutes of Health

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