Information and Frequently Asked Questions


What is the CUNY Scholar Support Prepaid Card?

Students eligible to receive financial aid and work study may receive payments on a CUNY Scholar Support Prepaid Card. This is not a credit card. It is a prepaid MasterCard® card accepted at any store or ATM where MasterCard debit is accepted. Student payments will be automatically deposited to the card and can be used immediately.

Why the card?

The CUNY Scholar Support Prepaid Card is faster, safer and more flexible than checks. Payments are loaded electronically and can be used immediately. That means no more trips to the bank or check cashing fees, and it doesn’t require a bank account. And because it’s a prepaid card, it doesn’t affect your credit.

How do I enroll?

Eligible students will receive an email with easy steps for enrolling. Students will need to opt in to receive the card and verify a mailing address.

Using the Card

Where can I use my card?

Your card works much like other prepaid or debit cards. Use it wherever MasterCard is accepted – online, over the phone, at grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, medical offices, on campus, etc. You may even purchase textbooks.

Is the CUNY card a credit card?

No. It is a prepaid MasterCard card. It can only be used up to the available balance and it does not affect your credit.


Are there fees at ATMs?

There is NO fee when getting cash at any Citibank ATM. There is a $1.50 per withdrawal fee when used at domestic (USA) ATMs outside the Citibank network. There is a $2.50 fee applied for international (Outside of USA) ATMs. Depending upon the non-Citi ATM machine used, the ATM provider may impose charges for your transaction that are in addition to the ATM Fees listed above.

Are there fees when making purchases?

There are no fees when making purchases wherever MasterCard debit is accepted. However, if you do not have sufficient funds when making a purchase, and your purchase is declined, there is a $1.00 fee per decline.

You will also receive the list of card fees with your card carrier.

They are as follows:

Description Fee
Account Maintenance Fee 1 (if applicable) $1.50 per month
Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee (USA) $1.50 per withdrawal
International ATM Withdrawal Fee (Outside of USA) $2.50 per withdrawal
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.30 per inquiry
ATM/Point-Of-Sale (POS) Decline Fee $1.00 per decline
Card Replacement Fee $5.95 per incident
Expedited Replacement Card (On request by Student) $15.00 per incident
International Transaction Fee 2 3.00% per transaction
Please note: Citi ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries are free of charge
Monthly/Annual fees: If applicable, monthly or annual fees will be posted to the account on the first day of the month.
1 Account Maintenance Fee: Subject to applicable law, a monthly maintenance fee will be applied to all accounts, provided that the fee for months 1-12 will not be collected until the twelve month anniversary date. Fees thereafter will be collected monthly. Fees will be postponed if either of the following criteria [are/is] met: 1) There have been funds added to your account in last three months; 2) There have been purchases made with your account in last three months. The charge will be recurring each month unless the account is active as stated in (1) or (2) above or the balance of the account is $ 0.00.
2 International Transaction Fee: A 3% fee will be applied to all transactions made outside the United States. This fee is included in the total amount of the settled transaction. See the Terms of Use for additional information regarding Foreign Transactions.


Can I use this card to pay tuition fees?

As with all debit or credit cards, a convenience fee of 2.65% applies when the card is used to pay tuition and fees. Students can continue to pay tuition fees via EFT and ACH at no additional charge.

Customer Service

Who can I contact if I have enrolled but not received my card?

If you have not received your card within 5 business days of enrolling please contact the toll-free 24/7 multilingual Customer Support team at 866-326-8689 or