Grants and Scholarships

Financial Aid Graduate Programs

Grants & Scholarships

Maximum annual award


Program of study



Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

$20,500 per school year

$138,500 (combined undergrad and grad loans)

Degree Program

FAFSA Application

General Eligibility

PLUS Loans for Graduate and Professional Degree Students 

Cost of attendance minus any other financial aid received 


Degree Program


FAFSA Application



General Eligibility for federal financial aid and no adverse credit history

TEACH Grant for Graduate Students

 $4,000 per year

$8,000 maximum

2 years

Enrolled  or complete  required coursework

FAFSA Application and TEACH grant agreement to serve

General federal aid eligibility although do not have to demonstrate financial need

Federal Perkins Loans

$8,000 or the maximum available

Max Amount: $60,000(combined grad and undergrad loans)



FAFSA and visit campus financial aid office

General eligibility and financial need

Federal Work-Study



Degree Program


Financial Need

Veterans Tuition Award

For the 2013-14 academic year $5,895 or tuition whichever is less

Up to the equivalent of 6 semesters of study


FAFSA, TAP and Veterans Tuition Award Supplement Application

General Eligibility and be  an eligible veteran who is a NYS resident.