Race to the Top

CUNY’s Educator Preparation Programs are committed to preparing effective teacher and school leader candidates who will enter our schools dedicated to meeting the needs of all students.

In 2012, CUNY was awarded Race to the Top funds by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in support of faculty professional development around key areas of the Regents Reform Agenda. The State University of New York and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities also received funding.

These areas include:
  • Common Core State Standards
  • New certification examinations for teachers and school building leaders
  • Teacher and principal performance evaluations
  • Data-driven instruction

The goal of this work, funded through 2015, is to support professional development activities for CUNY faculty and their educational partners in order to assimilate new information on teaching and learning into all aspects of educator preparation. Through Professional Development opportunities, collaboration within and across programs, and the development of new resources and assessment tools, CUNY faculty are working to enhance the quality of our teacher preparation programs and ensure the success of our teacher and leader candidates. NYC Department of Education’s Office of Teacher Effectiveness contributes faculty training.


Race to the Top News

CUNY’s Office of Academic Affairs has released a new RFP for CUNY community colleges in the area of Common Core State Standards. All Community College Teacher Education programs are invited to apply.

Download the application <pdf>

CUNY Common Core Symposium

Held on October 17, 2014 at CUNY Central, this event provided a forum for campuses to share practices for working with CCSS.

Download the CUNY CCSS project book <pdf>

Michael Casserly Keynote Address <pdf>

Audio Podcast of Keynote Address

  • CUNY-wide conferences on Common Core State Standards, Data-Driven Instruction and the edTPA
  • NYC DOE campus level workshops on the Danielson Framework for Teaching and Advance
  • Establishing electronic portfolio systems for administering student assessments and edTPA completion
  • Revising syllabi to embed Common Core State Standards and edTPA components in course content
  • Creating resources for candidates preparing for the new certification exams, including webpages, video recording support documents and campus office hours to provide technology support to candidates completing their edTPA
  • Developing online study modules, workshops and preparation guides for candidates taking the ALST and EAS exams


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Please direct questions about this initiative to the Project Director, Jennifer Case.