Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Summer Session course?
The Summer Session will allow you to satisfy requirements for your degree and will help you step up your progress toward graduation.

What courses are offered?
CUNY is offering a number of courses in a wide range of disciplines. View a complete list of available courses

When will courses be held?
Course offerings and the number of sessions vary by campus.  There are no classes scheduled on July 4th. Please refer to the campus calendar for more information .

When and where can I register?
CUNY students can register online via the CUNY Portal for Summer Session at their scheduled appointment, usually the same time they are registering for the Spring Semester. Visiting students may register online via the CUNY Portal registration system (ESIMS) after filing the visiting student application at the campus for which they intend on enrolling and have provided the college registrar or admissions office with all required documentation and/or permissions. Summer Course Registration Guidelines.

What do I need to register for a course?
CUNY students need only to have access to the CUNY Portal registration system, ESIMS. The course listings are searchable online.  Visiting students must fill out a visiting student application.   After applying and receiving any necessary permission visiting students will be provided with the information that will allow them to use the CUNY Portal online registration system (ESIMS). 

What about "prerequisites" for a course?
You must satisfy prerequisites prior to registering for a course. Prerequisites for each course can be found in the College's Schedule of Classes or College Catalog. Check with the college registrar for more detailed information on prerequisites.

Once I register, when do I have to pay for the Summer Session courses I take?
After completing your registration, your tuition bill is posted on ESIMS or you may stop by the Bursar's Office at the individual CUNY campus. 

How much will the courses cost? Will there be fees as well?
Students will be billed tuition by credit in accordance with the college tuition and fees schedule.  All non-matriculated and Visiting Students attending the Summer Session only will be charged fees based on credits enrolled.  Detailed tuition and fee information and payment options.

Will my financial aid apply to the Summer Session?
You may be eligible to receive PELL for attendance in summer session classes. Summer Pell Grants can be paid from any remaining Pell eligibility you may have left over from the prior academic year. Financial Aid Information.

Are there scholarships or grants that I can apply for to cover the Summer Session?
Students who receive scholarships from the College should contact the College's Financial Aid Office about using funds for the Summer Session.

When will the summer grade be calculated into my overall GPA?
Dates for grade postings and GPA calculations to student records will vary by campus.  Consult with the campus registrar's office for information on postings to student records. 

If I am unable to complete my Summer Session course and receive the grade of Incomplete, when must the course work or final be completed before the grade changes to a failure grade?
Incompletes obtained in the Summer Session must be completed before the end of the regular spring semester.

Will the bookstore be open?  When can I get my books for summer classes?
Campus bookstores will be open.  Please refer to the campus website for bookstore hours, location and additional information.

Will there be classes on July 4th?
The University is closed in observance of Independence Day on Thursday, July 4th; no classes are scheduled on that day.

I just applied and it will be my first semester in the Fall, can I register for Summer Session classes?
Students admitted for the Fall 2013 semester may only take courses in the Summer Session with special permission.  Please see the individual CUNY campus college registrars or admissions offices for more information.

What do I do if there is a stop/ hold on my record?
Students who have stops/holds on their records must contact the office that placed the hold on their record and reconcile the situation with that office before enrolling.

Do I need a CUNY e-mail or computer account to register?
No. Once your application is processed and approved you will receive information on how to register using the on-line registration (ESIMS) system.  If you need further assistance accessing e-SIMS, contact the Registrar's Office of the campus you would like to attend during Summer Session.