P.O.I.S.E.D. at Home

P.O.I.S.E.D. at Home is a program for pregnant women and new mothers who are receiving public assistance and are exempt from work activities by HRA. Through regular home visits and telephone contact, participants are helped to: improve academic and parenting skills, obtain information about health and child development issues, and plan for employment or other activity after the baby is 3 months old.

P.O.I.S.E.D. at Home Services:

  • Weekly instruction in reading, writing and math;

  • Bi-weekly counseling on pregnancy and health issues, family care and preparation for self-sufficiency; and,

  • Case management for social service problems and accessing support services such as childcare.

Contact Us

CUNY COPE & P.O.I.S.E.D. Offices
101 West 31st Street, 14th Floor
New York, New York, 10001