Digital Media Programs


Borough of Manhattan Community College

Program in Multimedia Programming and Design that instructs students in the design and programming of computer-based interactive products that incorporate text, graphics, sound, animation and video. The program offers students the ability to focus on the creative or technical aspects of multimedia production by completing a sequence of courses in computer art and design, programming, or video production in addition to the general and core requirements. The program prepares students for careers in a variety of companies and institutions that develop, produce or market digital media products, programs or services. Upon successful completion of the two-year curriculum, students are awarded an associate in applied science degree (AAS) and may transfer to four-year colleges.

Brooklyn College

The Departments of Art, Computer and Information Science, Film, Television and Radio, Theater, and the Conservatory of Music, offer an outstanding array of courses, programs, and concentrations in the electronic and digital media. Close cooperation between all six departments fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration among students and faculty, and enables the creation of interdisciplinary programs, such as the advanced certificate program in Performance and Interactive Media Arts. Cooperation, excellent facilities, and world-class faculty combine to create unusually rich disciplinary and inter-disciplinary opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

Bronx Community College

This Digital Design and Computer Graphics Associate's Degree (A.A.S.) Program instructs students in how to become graphic designers who can create dynamic visual materials for the business community. This includes the design and production of advertising materials, logo designs, brochures, CD covers, poster designs, book covers, magazine layouts, promotional materials, business graphics and graphics for the World Wide Web. Services of graphic designers are highly sought after by businesses that include advertising agencies, book publishers, magazines, corporate in-house design departments, independent design studios, retail firms, public relations firms, and record companies.

College of Staten Island

The department offers the bachelor's degrees in Cinema Studies and Communications and a master degree in Cinema and Media Studies. Programs in this department focus on the principles of media, interactions with the media, and the cultures dependent upon communication technologies. The department serves students interested in the history and theory of film and various electronic and computer-related media, and in producing work with these media. The program in Communications is offered in collaboration with the Department of English. A minor is also awarded in the baccalaureate programs. The master's degree program in Cinema and Media Studies is coordinated by Associate Professor Cindy Wong.

The City College of New York

The Art Department offers a comprehensive BFA in Electronic Design and Multimedia in addition to a liberal arts BA specialization in digital media encompassing design for both print and digital media. Courses build on a strong foundation in graphic design and extend to include design for time-based new media in areas such as motion graphics, animation, 3D modeling and digital video as well as emerging areas of game design and Web animation. Admission to the BFA is competitive and based on portfolio review. EDM alumni find employment as art directors, designers, producers, media production artists, network specialists, illustrators and educators in a variety of print and media environments.

The MFA in Media Arts Production is an internationally recognized film and video program that gives the highest level of training to students producing thesis projects on digital video and 16mm film. The MFA program occupies a unique niche in the largest world media market as the only comprehensive masters program, embracing both documentary and fiction work, offered at an affordable public institution. Compelling storytelling, both traditional and non-traditional, is the through-line of the program. The MFA follows the model set by the independent production community, emphasizing visually inventive and socially conscious media-making on lean budgets. Digital technologies are employed throughout the production process from concept to distribution.

The Sonic Arts Center, which is a division of the Music Department, offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with a concentration in audio and music and technology. This degree requires 64 credits of course work in the major. Thirty-one credits are from the music department core and thirty-three credits are from the Sonic Arts Center's technology course offerings. The program provides a background in sound design and synthesis, digital audio, acoustic recording, audio for moving images, mixing, mastering, and sound reinforcement. These techniques are used to support creative output in music composing/arranging, producing, presentation, and underscoring.

CUNY Graduate Center

The New Media Lab, a dynamic, state-of-the-art laboratory environment, equipped with high-end workstations running sophisticated 3D animation, advanced computational, and web and graphics software. Doctoral students and faculty use high-end visualization techniques in research and development projects and design and develop new media programs for the educational and commercial sectors.

The Interactive Technology and Pedagogy certificate program offers doctoral students theoretical, historical, philosophical, sociological and practical perspectives on technology and pedagogy and their intersection in the classroom. The program provides doctoral students with the critical skills to reflect on and then design and produce IT tools for use in teaching, primarily at the college level. Students who complete the nine-credit program receive a certificate when their doctorate degree is awarded.

Hunter College

The MFA Program in Integrated Media Arts offers advanced studies in nonfiction media making. Building on a foundation of research and analysis, students produce knowledge-based projects using the creative tools of the digital media environment: animation, digital imaging, non-linear editing, online journalism, interactive web design, etc. In this program, a coming generation of media makers trains to become tomorrow's preeminent communicators, twenty-first century pamphleteers employing new digital media to inform, enliven and extend the possibilities of the public square. In the undergraduate Media Studies Program, a wide range of digital media courses provide a rich foundation for entry into the media industries or for advanced study at the graduate level.

LaGuardia Community College

A New Media Technology curriculum leads to an A.A.S. degree in Applied New Media. The curriculum includes: Web programming and design; principles of Design and Computer graphics; Internet server & E-commerce technologies; Internet regulations, security and conduct; and streaming video and audio. The program combines industry internships, theoretical concepts and laboratory practice. The College has recently constructed a new state-of-the-art digital lab to support the curriculum and is considering curricular expansion in gaming, animation and related software technologies.

Lehman College

A Bachelors of Science in Computer Graphics and Imaging with courses and faculty shared between the Art Department and the Math/Computer Science Department. Lehman also offers a Bachelors of Arts, a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in computer imaging and a Masters of Fine Arts with a specialization in Digital Media Graduate program.
Art Department:
Math/Computer Science Department:

New York City College of Technology

The College's School of Technology and Design offers the Bachelor of Technology degree with combined programs in multimedia, web development, digital video, live performance production, entertainment control systems, computer-based systems, computer programming, architectural design technology, computer-controlled mobile devices and robotics. The departments of Advertising Design and Graphic Arts, Entertainment Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Systems Technology, Architectural Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology offer digital media courses that allow students to develop creative skills based upon a solid theoretical foundation and technical and conceptual expertise with a focus on hands-on experience, production qualifications and internship opportunities, preparing them for careers in digital media design and computer professions.

Queens College

The Art Department of Queens College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design that provides students the creative, intellectual, and technical skills to become effective communicators in the new century. Students learn to shape the form and content of media across a variety of formats—from print to digital. In addition to the core requirements, the program includes courses in animation, digital imaging, digital moviemaking, non-linear editing, interactive web design, publication design, advertising design, graphic novel and digital illustration. Students graduate equipped with the skills to succeed in careers, graduate school or both.

The Art Department also offers Minors in Graphic Design and Digital Arts.

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