2012 Archive


A Reading at LaGuardia Community College "Celebrates the Young Lights in Our Own Dark Rooms"

"When I brought Jina Ortiz, an Afro-Latino poet based in Massachusetts, to LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, Queens, this past March for our Women's Heritage Month celebration, Poets & Writers provided the first step in making Jina feel comfortable: the honorarium they supplemented let Jina know that both her time and talent were appreciated. Christopher Alexander and Kristen Gallagher, two of my colleagues at LaGuardia Community College, also added to Jina's comfort level by making sure that Jina's poems had been well-circulated and read by the members of the Creative Writing Club. I had emailed students and aspiring writers in the community prior to the event to make sure that they knew a published writer would be visiting our campus."  >>


City Tech's 2 Bridges Review Debuts to Praise

"Published by the New York City College of Technology, 2 Bridges Review is a new magazine that seeks to publish both unknown and established writers and artists. The magazine is named after the East River Bridges that connect downtown Brooklyn with downtown Manhattan. Editors Kate Falvey, George Guida, and Yaniv Soha say that 'between these bridges a community of writers and artists has found a home in the former warehouses and factories of New York’s most literary outer borough.'” >>


Distinguished Professor Mac Wellman Profiled in Salute to Scholars 

"Mac Wellman may be the American theater’s most perseverant renegade playwright. A cockeyed iconoclast, Wellman has never had much use for conventional notions of plot, character or even language. This could explain why he might be the most prolific playwright mainstream theatergoers have never heard of — as well as why he’s been a fascination to critics, arts foundations and his students at Brooklyn College, where he’s the Donald I. Fine Professor of Play Writing." >>


At Queens College, a Litany of Literary Lions

"Born in 1976 out of a desire to nudge writers and readers from their cocoons of isolation, the Queens College evening reading series has become a major literary feat that draws hundreds of people to see authors who make anyone remotely fond of the written word salivate —this year alone there was Margaret Atwood, Ha Jin and Nicole Krauss, among others ... After a successful year, which included a crowd of more than 500 people who packed in to see lyricist Stephen Sondheim be interviewed by The New York Times’ Frank Rich, the series will wrap up—until the next school year, that is—with novelist E.L. Doctorow on April 24 at 7 p.m. in Queens College’s music building." >>


A Knife, a Fire, a Storm: The Poetry and Prose of BMCC's Hilario Barrero

“'One sings what one loses,' Barrero explains. 'Poetry is a knife, a fire, a storm. And my poetry, now that I am growing old, is getting clearer, more humane, closer to people. My poetry now is less baroque and intellectual that in my previous book (In tempore belli). Libro de familia is a paper cemetery where all the people I lost, lie. It is a book made of stone and smoke, memories and presences as well as absences.'” >>


Medgar Evers Student Kyle Chais Publishes Debut Novel, Nameless

 "At 13, while living with his single mother at a shelter in Brooklyn, Kyle Chais pictured fallen angels, wandering invisibly amongst New Yorkers, sadly hoping to redeem themselves and join the living. He started penning what he pictured, and at age 17, had completed a story about the lead fallen angel, who he called Nameless." >>