2007 Archive

"Leading Editors Guide Promising Writers in New Institute"

CUNY Newswire
November 5, 2007

"Before Soaring to Fame as a Writer, Sinclair Honed Skills at City College" <pdf>

Fall 2007

"Murder by Mail in Gilded Age New York"

New York Times
October 24, 2007

"Empathizing with 'the other '"

Montreal Gazette
October 20, 2007

"Annecy Báez Wins Prize for First Latina Fiction"

Hunter News and Events
September 2007

Two B.C. M.F.A. Writers Honored

The CUNY News Wire
September 11, 2007

"A Printer, Poet, and Teacher"

NY Daily News
July 20, 2007

Sekou Sundiata Dies at 58

Chicken Bones: A Journal
July 18, 2007

"Novel Blends Caribbean History, African Culture, and American Sensibilities"

All Africa.com
July 16, 2007

Professor Zweig Writes his Memoir, Return to Naples

July 12, 2007

Eric Alterman Named Distinguished Professor

July 10, 2007
Eric Alterman teaches at Brooklyn College’s English Department.

"Channer Reads from New, Exciting Novella"

Jamaica Information Service
July 04, 2007
Colin Channer, an assistant professor of English at Medgar Evers College

Milton Reexamined in Wittreich's New Book

CUNY Book Talk
July, 2007
Joseph Wittreich is a Distinguished Professor of English at the Graduate Center

"Poetry, life full of surprises for Billy Collins"

Planet Jackson Hole Online
May 29, 2007
Billy Collins is a professor at Lehman College

Barrero's New Anthology of Poet Jane Kenyon

May 22, 2007
Hilario Barrero teaches in the Modern Languages Department at BMCC.

"Best-Selling Author Series Dazzles Audiences"

Kingsborough Currents
May-June, 2007

Peter Carey, director of Hunter’s MFA Program, up for Booker Prize

CUNY News Wire
April 13, 2007

"Local woman goes global"

Brooklyn Heights Courier
March 05, 2007
Laura Silver is a Brooklyn College poetry grad.

"First Time's The Charm"

The Boston Globe
March 03, 2007
Michael Thomas graduated from Hunter College and is an Adjunct Professor of English there.

"Bringing Poetry to People"

The Seattle Times
February 27, 2007
Amy Allin is a CCNY MFA Alum

Jeffrey Renard Allen Honored

Education Update
February 2007
Jeffrey Renard Allen is a professor at Queens College