College Initiative

The College Initiative’s mission is: to connect men and women in New York City who have been incarcerated or have had involvement with the criminal justice system with opportunities for higher education; to provide a range of academic and support services that promote successful enrollment in college and completion of degrees; to serve as a guiding force for students to realize their full potential as gainfully employed individuals, family members, informed citizens and community leaders.

The College Initiative services include:

  • Outreach, student recruitment and correspondence with prisoners planning for release;
  • orientation, assessment and academic counseling;
  • academic preparation for college placement exams;
  • reentry support in collaboration with an extensive network of partners;
  • access to financial aid, scholarships and help with outstanding student loans;
  • mentoring and tutoring;
  • future academic and workforce planning.

The College Initiative’s Student Services are located at the Fortune Society’s headquarters in Long Island City. The initiative also has an office at LaGuardia Community College. For more information, call 212 691 7554 or visit

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