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College Policy for Nonexempt Single Parents, Caretaker Relatives of Dependent Children, Family Assistance Recipients and Safety-Net Single Adult Recipients

If you are a single parent or caretaker relative of a dependent child, you may have an opportunity to participate in a range of activities including education or training programs, work experience and job search.

Individuals who express an interest in education/training and do not need basic education will be referred to HRA's Training Assessment Group (TAG) for assessment. TAG will ensure that the individual is engaged in the 35-hour workweek. Job Centers in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island will refer individuals to designated TAG offices. TAG will conduct literacy, English and math tests, review the employment plan and interview individuals to determine if they meet the educational requirements for requested programs. TAG will approve or deny training requests and ensure that all assessed individuals are engaged in appropriate activities. Four-year college programs are not approved for satisfaction of the 35-hour mandatory workweek. Those enrolled in a four-year college program will be given a flexible WEP assignment by TAG, which will accommodate school hours to the extent possible. This can include internships/externships and/or Federal Work Study and programs.

Enrollment in an approved education (Associate's Degree) or training program may count as the primary work activity for up to 12 months (and count for satisfaction of the 35-hour mandatory workweek). When a person in receipt of public assistance is enrolled in an education (Associate's Degree) program for more than 15 hours per week, the period of time in the activity will count toward the 12-month lifetime limit for counting education as the primary work activity. Education hours include classroom time and any required supplemental activities such as lab time. A concurrent work assignment may be assigned to ensure the mandatory 35-hour workweek and can include internships/externships or Federal Work Study programs.

If any requested and approved training program does not begin for 30 or more days, TAG will ensure that the individual is fully engaged in work activities until the program start date.

After a participant has exhausted the 12-month lifetime limit for having school enrollment count as the primary activity, s/he may continue with education on a part-time basis (up to 15 hours per week), with at least 20 hours of concurrent work activities. This can include internships, externships or Federal Work Study programs. The education hours become the secondary activity.

If a participant cannot complete an education program as a primary activity within the 12-month limit and is claiming a hardship, that individual may be given a schedule of up to 20 hours of education a week with a concurrent assignment of 15 hours of work activities for an additional 12-month period. The hardship schedule maintains education as the primary activity.

HRA's TAG must evaluate the individual's request and documentation regarding the hardship (as provided by CUNY/COPE liaisons or the individual) including reasons that training was not completed within the 12-month limit for training/education as a primary activity and additional hours are needed. Some qualifying hardships may include: Associate's Degree requires more than 60 credits of course work or 2 or more remedial and/or English language courses are required in order to obtain the Associate's Degree. If the documentation submitted is accepted, TAG staff will indicate that the individual has been approved for a hardship training schedule. The individual is re-enrolled in NYCWAY with a hardship schedule of up to 20 hours of classroom/15 hours of work activities.

TAG will ensure that referred individuals are fully engaged in work activities whether training requests are approved or denied, that all barriers have been addressed, and that the EP/necessary documentation is completed, certified and signed.

Source: HRA, College Policy

For more specifics about Eligibility Requirements, please contact your local COPE campus office .

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