David Coba




Queensborough Community College ASAP '13


What is the ASAP student community like?

Although all students at Queensborough still experience the prominent aspects of interacting with one another, in ASAP the community has the essential component of a smaller class size, which creates a greater potential for communication.  All ASAP students have the inevitable experience of networking with each other. Recently, students from ASAP have participated in numerous activities, and, notably, ran for Student Government elections.


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

The ASAP network has a more social and interactive component with professors, Student Managers, and Career Specialists. This type of advantage keeps the pace going for your academic career, which also helps you transition into a career path that could open the doors to more experience and better opportunities.


What impact has ASAP had on your education?

ASAP has made me change my perception of college. I had a different experience than the usual college experience. ASAP has also made me prepared to take on more challenges on my own. And because ASAP has given me strength to face challenges on my own, with that strength I made it into a special program called the University at Buffalo Prelaw Scholars Program.


What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had as an ASAP student?

I remember that throughout the whole year, many members of ASAP were running for student government, which I did, too, and many were in Honor Societies, Mock Trial, and other prestigious activities. That memory makes me sees how special this program is.


Why did you join ASAP?

I joined for the benefits that I could not enjoy on my own; without ASAP my academic career would have been limited. I now promise myself that I will repay ASAP with great dedication and commitment and show them what a scholar is.


What were your first impressions of ASAP, and have they changed over time?

When I first joined ASAP, I thought that it was taking away my college experience, but it only enhanced it over time. I am happy to have signed that contract of commitment.


What are your future plans?

As ambitious this may sound, with my experience in the University at Buffalo Prelaw Scholars Program, I hope to get a job in a law firm and apply to law school right after the fall semester of 2012 under an extraordinary case in standard 502(b) Educational Requirements. These are my plans, to become an attorney in criminal defense.



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