Kenny Ayala



Queensborough Community College ASAP '12


Before starting college and applying to ASAP I’d heard horror stories of students being misguided and left to fend for themselves after beginning their college experience.  In my first week of college, before joining ASAP, I talked to a general school counselor about choosing courses.  I tried getting good advice out of him but he had too many other students to talk to.  As an ASAP student this is far from the reality.  ASAP really helps with this process and everything else along the way.  Being in ASAP has been an absolute honor and privilege partly because it allows me to have access to resources that I would otherwise never have access to, and those resources have opened doors to many other opportunities that have been great blessings to me.


My parents migrated here from Latin America with absolutely nothing but the dream to live a better life.  Undeniably, upon arrival it was a scary culture shock for them to make this major transition.  They could not speak English and did not know anyone or have any experience that would help them excel here in the States.  Every hard-earned dollar went to provide the opportunity for me to make something out of my first generation born American status and to make the best out of every opportunity provided to me as an American citizen.


The desire to make my parents proud, especially my mother, drove me to attend college full time and ASAP has only added fuel to my desire to keep pressing forward.  For several years upon graduating high school, I was privileged to move up in the financial industry by managing stock accounts, bank accounts, and other types of financial accounts; by gaining a higher education I know I will gain more experience and have access to wonderful opportunities.  Thus far I’ve realized my compatibility with the business field, and this fall when I transfer to the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College I plan to pursue my bachelor’s degree in business.  One future goal is to be fluent in several languages and I am currently working on my fourth.  After I finish my undergrad, I plan to pursue my MBA and hope my linguistic skills will make me a distinct candidate for career opportunities.



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