Safraz Ali




Queensborough Community College ASAP Fall '14


What is the ASAP student community like?

In my eyes the ASAP community is like one big family. I say this because everyone I see is interacting so well with each other and we all have that motivation to do well and succeed in our classes.


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

In my opinion those free MetroCards and free books are what make ASAP unique! Other than that, the one-on-one interaction with the student managers is something that is very beneficial and is another feature that makes ASAP unique.


What impact has ASAP had on your education?

ASAP has had the greatest impact on my education. The seminars they host have given me more knowledge in and outside of my classes. My grades are definitely a reflection of how ASAP has had the best impact on my education because they give me that push and determination to do well in my classes.


What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had as an ASAP student?

The most memorable moment I have had as an ASAP student was the three-day Summer Institute that they held when I was first becoming an ASAP student. I saw everyone that was going to be in the program and got to meet so many wonderful people. The ASAP staff talked about so many advantages that being in ASAP had, and it allowed me to become more comfortable in the ASAP community.


Why did you join ASAP?

I joined ASAP because from the start I knew that the program was something I have to take advantage of. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by me. From the free books to the one-on-one interaction with your student manager, I knew that this would help me succeed in college, and so far I love being in such a great program.


What were your first impressions of ASAP, and have they changed over time?

My first impressions of ASAP were, “wow this program seems to good to be true!” I was only thinking this because of how the program would pay for my books, give me a student manager to talk to, make sure I graduated within three years, and also help mewith finding a job and creating a resume.


What are your future plans?

My future plans are to work in a field that deals with technology because in our world today technology is everywhere we turn. It helps us on a daily basis and there is always room to improve technology. I hope that I will be one of those people to improve technology and make new innovations for tomorrow to help better society.



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