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Queensborough Community College ASAP students come from diverse backgrounds, have a variety of goals, and have accomplished impressive things while in the program.  Read their stories and hear about their achievements below.



Queensborough ASAP Student Profiles and Interviews





"I think, first and foremost in my mind, [what makes ASAP unique] is the learning communities and the events that create a sense of unity. Queensborough, and CUNY in general, is absolutely massive. It’s hard to feel a real sense of community, though not impossible, when there are so many people on campus who live off-campus and work and have lives of their own. ASAP remedies that gap by bringing the same people together over and over, both for helpful workshops and events and in the classroom."

Alexander Crombez, Queensborough Community College ASAP Fall '13

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"I joined ASAP because from the start I knew that the program was something I have to take advantage of. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by me. From the free books to the one-on-one interaction with your student manager, I knew that this would help me succeed in college, and so far I love being in such a great program."

Safraz Ali, Queensborough Community College ASAP Fall '14

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"ASAP has provided me with a lot of different opportunities that have been nothing but helpful. Financially it helps a lot. The meetings with my advisor help with any questions I might have about the classes I’m taking, events happening around campus, and advice for the future. ASAP is only beneficial. I was worried about what my college experience would be like, but ASAP has helped me ease into it."

Renee Arenth, Queensborough Community College ASAP '14

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"...ASAP has also made me prepared to take on more challenges on my own. And because ASAP has given me strength to face challenges on my own, with that strength I made it into a special program called the University at Buffalo Prelaw Scholars Program."

David Coba, Queensborough Community College ASAP '13

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"At first I didn’t know what to expect from ASAP ... Over the semesters I began to be more appreciative of the intimacy the class sizes provided; the support from the ASAP team feels like a small family tracking our progress to make sure we keep on course."

Lauren Hynd, Queensborough Community College ASAP '13

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"The desire to make my parents proud drove me to attend college full time and ASAP has only added fuel to my desire to keep pressing forward."

Kenny Ayala, Queensborough Community College ASAP '12

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"ASAP actually cares about you. The staff ... check up on you to see how you’re doing with your classes, they speak to your professors, and most importantly they actually LISTEN."

Marilyn Rodriguez, Queensborough Community College ASAP '12

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Queensborough ASAP Student Accomplishments



Spring 2013

ASAP Students Receive QCC Awards: Alexdander Crombez ’13 received the English Department’s Dr. Arnold Asrelsky Award for Achievement in Writing and Literature by an Evening Student; Yue Ting Chen ’13 and Johan Jaramillo ’15 received the English Department’s Carolyn B. Raphael Award for an ESL Student who has excelled in a higher-level English class; Stephanie Morel ’15 received the English Department’s Herbert Seitz Award; Fitzcarl AJ Reid ’14 received the Dr. Linda Stanley Scholarship for the Writing of Non-Fiction

Student Government: Ngawang Yangki ’15 was elected Administrative Vice President; Lida Ramos Arce ’14 was elected Executive Vice President

NYNY Fellows: Christie Paul ’14 and Stephanie Umbergo received New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellowships.

FALL 2012

Queensborough ASAP Student Wins Scholarship:   Liang Lin has been awarded a  2012 Thomas Tam Scholarship for a project on Asian-American student advocacy.  After identifying issues facing Asian-American youth, Lin worked with immigrant students at Flushing International High School to help them learn about their cultural backgrounds, both to build confidence and to prepare them for college and careers



Summer Research for Queensborough ASAP Student: Yue Ting Chen ('13) will be conducting research over the summer with Professor of Chemistry Dr. Paris Svornos.



New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellowship Awarded to ASAP Student: Jia Pei (Queensborough '13) was recognized with a NYNY fellowship, which provides career development and mentoring to its fellows to help them achieve academic and professional success.

Queensborough ASAP Students Elected to Student Government: ASAP student Preston Baker ('13) was elected President of the Queensborough Student Government, ASAP student Jace Dunn ('14) was elected Executive Vice President, and ASAP student Ashley Persaud ('13) was elected Programming Vice President.

ASAP Student Chosen to Participate in 2012 Salzburg Global Seminar: Michelle Borg (Queensborough '13) has been chosen to participate in the Salzburg Global Seminar in April 2012.  They will travel to Austria, to participate in the intensive week-long seminar, which allows students to explore social, political, and economic issues from a global perspective.  Click here for more information >>



FALL 2011

ASAP Student Chosen as "Civic Leaders of Tomorrow" Fellow: Queensborough Community College freshman Liang Lin was named a 2011 fellow by the "Civic Leaders of Tomorrow" Public Policy and Advocacy Program.  In addition to a stipend, fellows "participate in educational and leadership development programs, services and activities that promote professional growth, including both field work and seminars that will help them synthesize their experience in the field with policy and advocacy theory and strategy."  Click here for more information >>



Spring / SUMMER 2011

Queensborough ASAP student Spends Summer at Yale: Muhammad Khalil ('13) participated in the 2011 Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at Yale University.

ASAP Students Chosen as New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellows: Lauren Hynd (Queensborough '13) and Kenny Ayala (Queensborough '12) were awarded with highly competitive fellowships from NYNY, which aims to "prepare ... first-generation college students to realize their college and career potential."  Fellows are paired with mentors to guide them through their two-year fellowship.  Click here for more information >>

Four Queensborough ASAP Students Elected to Student Government Positions: Zin New Aung, Robin Christian, Marilyn Rodriguez, and Nekesha St. Rose were elected to leadership positions by their fellow QCC students.  Click here for more information >>


Fall 2010

ASAP Students Make Dean's List: At Queensborough Community College, 24 ASAP students made the Dean's List. 


Fall 2009 - Spring 2010


ASAP Students Make Dean's List: At Queensborough Community College, 18 ASAP students made the Dean's List.  

CUNY ASAP Student Chosen as New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellow: Eve Johnson from Queensborough has been selected as part of the inaugural class of 50 New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellows. The NYNY Fellowship is a two-year program career development and leadership training program led by trained Mentor Coaches with regular opportunities to engage with business and community leaders. Fellows receive a stipend of $2,500. The  2010 NYNY fellows  were selected from an applicant pool of 170 students from across CUNY,  New York University, Barnard College, and Pace University. Click here for more information >>