Mame Sourang



Kingsborough Community College ASAP


Living in the United States for only four years, I see myself work harder than the average student in order to reach my goals.  I came from Senegal, West Africa where the opportunities are limited, and young people who have the ability to succeed usually lack the resources necessary.  I was one of those young people while living in my country, and at one time, I was not doing well at school with the combination of other personal problems in my life.  However, a turning point of my life occurred due to my transition to the United States, and I became more aware of my capabilities of succeeding in life.

My first year in high school in the United States was very tough because I did not have any knowledge of the English language.  I started with ESL level 1; however, after one year in high school with tutoring almost every day, I was able to take an AP English class, which was the only offered to few students with good GPA.  I decided to challenge myself with this class.  Of course, it was not easy because I knew I needed some practice before I could master the language.  With motivation and hard work, I was able to excel in that class at the end of the year.  From my AP English class, I learned that anything is possible especially for someone like me who had overcome a lot of obstacles in life which I believe put me where I am today.

I gained strength and hope from negative as well as positive experiences. I have grown and learned a lot from these experiences, and sometimes, I believe that perhaps if I did not have obstacles I would not be where I am today.  I would not have the dedication to become a better person both academically and socially.   As a result, I believe that anyone who wants to succeed can, but the key is determination and believability.

I believe being an ASAP student was one of the best things that has happened to me at Kingsborough Community College not only because of the resources we receive as ASAP students but also with the close relationships we have with our counselors, mentors, professors and advisors.  They are here to guide us to the road of success.  The best thing about it is that they consider us as friends, which makes it easier for ASAP students to excel.

My first year at Kingsborough was the best year in my academic career, but it was also the toughest year where I had to push myself more in things I never thought I would achieve in life.  I challenged myself with Honor classes, and I tried to take advantage of the opportunities that were offered to students at Kingsborough.  My future goal is to become a physician one day and also an advocate to young girls and women mostly in developing countries.  Growing up from a place where people do not usually have access to medical health inspired me to want to become a physician one day.  Having gone through the same experiences that young girls and women do in developing countries has also driven me to assist and fight for women rights.



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