Jamel James


Jamel James

Kingsborough Community College ASAP

2010 New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellows Recipient

I am a full-time student of the working class trying to upgrade in my life, and become a guidance counselor.  I also have a strong passion for traveling the world to educate people in poverty.

When I am available, my time is spent mentoring high school students at a nonprofit organization called Project Reach Youth, where I am given the chance to coach and motivate students to be leaders of tomorrow.   In my mind, the New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellowship program is somewhat similar to Project Reach Youth.  The difference is instead of mentoring high school students, I will be mentored by those who have experienced many pressures and obtained their career path.

When the time came to go to the NYNY Fellowship orientation, I was too nervous.  I felt out of my league with all the competition in there.  The majority of my peers looked like they would do fairly well in a game of Jeopardy, but looks are not everything.  I know my abilities, and I used them the best way I could during the NYNY Fellows interview. The anticipation before the interview almost made my heart jumped out of my chest.  This interview was not the same as the interview for a retail position; this was the opportunity to gain assistance for my future career.  Blowing this moment was not a part of my plan, so for the interview I gave it my all.  During the interview, I told my interviewer about the things I am involved with in my life. When I was asked about my hardships and how I got over them, I told her the about my poetry and dancing and that my hardships are the motivation for me to do something productive.

All of my efforts, the assistance from others, and the grace of God helped me get into the NYNY Fellows program.  I will obtain the full scoop of what it takes to be a psychologist or counselor.  Having the support from someone that is already in your chosen career field is golden.  They can tell you what courses of action are good to become whatever it is you want to be.  A network can also help you to obtain a job in that field because the competition for positions in this world is fierce.  Lastly, I learned a lesson.  I do not control the course of my own life; I only get to choose the options granted to me.  I just kept my eyes open and choose wisely.  I am grateful for the NYNY Fellowship, and I can't wait to fully explore and experience the program.



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