Davielle Morton




Kingsborough Community College ASAP fall '13


What is the ASAP student community like?

When I first joined ASAP I was told that the people in the program really stick together and it is true.  The students at Kinsborough are generally friendly but when I begin a new class and someone introduces themselves as ASAP, a bond is instantly formed.  We begin speaking about the program, our advisers, and recent opportunities that we are taking advantage of.  The ASAP community feels like a helping hand that is always on your shoulder giving you a little nudge in the right direction, never forcing you but letting you know when there are opportunities you should not let slip away.


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

There are many programs designed to help students, and although ASAP is simply one of those programs, it feels more personal.  There is an academic adviser to help me remain motivated and a career adviser to open my eyes to opportunities that I may have missed had I not been in this supportive group.  It was through ASAP that I found out about the New York Needs You program, which helps first generation college kids achieve their lifelong dreams by placing them with a mentor and training them for the harsh business world for two years.  The application process was challenging but I made it into this program and I am forever grateful for the support of my family and friends, along with ASAP's academic and career advisers. 


What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had as an ASAP student?

I was in a Student Development class during my first semester, which Susan Richards and my ASAP adviser Carey Manifold taught.  One day in that class, we were asked to write our short and long term goals on a flashcard.  I wrote that my long term goal was achieving my PhD in Speech Pathology and my short term goal was making it onto the Deans list for the Fall 2012 semester.  I never thought about writing out my goals because I felt like I knew what I wanted.  However, that day in class I read my goals out loud for everyone and that was the first time I ever did that. I made it onto the Deans list for that semester and I will forever believe that it was because of that day in class.  My goals were always my little secret but that day they became my reality and the encouragement I continuously receive from my advisers and classmates that were present in class helps to keep me on track.  I am extremely grateful for the classmates I have in my ASAP cohort.


What were your first impressions of ASAP, and have they changed over time?

The first opportunity extended to me by ASAP was to attend class two months before my original first semester began.  I welcomed this chance and it was a jump start to my academic engine.  I had been out of school for one year and was afraid that my passion towards my school work may have grown dim.  However, when ASAP contacted me about joining their program and then about the possibility of beginning school early, I knew it was a blessing and my hope was restored. 

However, it was the mandatory Summer workshop that all new students attended that really made me love this program.  The activities were fun and it challenged my creative style.  It was not at all what I expected and ASAP made a wonderful first impression with me. To this day, I have continued to be impressed with their seminars and different speakers.  I have learned many things about leadership and financial assistance since being an ASAP student.


What are your future plans?

My goal is to complete my associates degree in science at Kingsborough Community College in one and a half years and then transfer to a four year college where I can further my education.  I aim to begin working on my doctorates degree at the age of twenty four so that I can open up a speech pathology practice alongside my sister, who is an aspiring pediatrician.  The challenges have already begun as I do not want to simply graduate but want to graduate with honors.  However, I try my best to remain dedicated to my school work without losing focus on my hobbies such as reading, dancing and hanging out with friends and family.



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