Octrisha Parker


O Parker


Hostos Community College ASAP '12


What is the ASAP student community like? 

The ASAP student community is a melting pot of students of different cultures or races that forms an integrated community. The diversity of students makes it a warm and welcoming place where students co-mingle and learn about different cultures, as well as gain knowledge from the valuable informative and educational seminars that ASAP offers.


  What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

ASAP is unique in its outreach.  ASAP not only reaches out and inspires the “promising” student to always strive for excellence, but also encourages the student to seek help with their courses by offering ASAP tutors and one-on-one advisement/counseling, and by maintaining progress reports from instructors.  ASAP acknowledges students for their outstanding performances with certificates of excellence, monetary scholarships, scholarships to other countries, and scholarships that will continue throughout their time at senior colleges.


  What impact has ASAP had on your education?

ASAP provides me with a monthly metro-card, which affords me the transportation to and from school.  ASAP makes it possible for me to obtain books-on-loan, thereby eliminating the huge expense of buying books.  Bi-monthly counseling sessions with my Advisement Counselor are extremely helpful in discussing and providing meaningful solutions to allow me to reach my present and future educational goals.  A little push in the right direction motivates me to achieve excellence.  I am living proof that “Yes I Can,” and yes, I have excelled this past semester by achieving a 4.0 GPA.  This was a goal that I was dedicated to achieve and the encouragement I received from ASAP empowered me to achieve my goal.  Not only did ASAP express that it believed in me, but I believed in myself.  I am very grateful for all the inspiration and assistance I received from ASAP.


What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had as an ASAP student?

My most memorable moments in ASAP were the orientation seminar and the ongoing seminars.  I experienced a whirlwind of educational/informative topics, including exercise and music.  I was introduced to all that ASAP has to offer and was taken on a video tour of past accomplishments of prior and present students.  I was eager to participate in the challenging and competitive exercises because they not only provided the means of socializing with other ASAP students, but they were also very exciting, educational and motivating.


What are your future plans?

 My future plans are to become a writer--fiction and non-fiction.  This has always been my greatest aspiration. Already a writer, I have received the encouragement of many English instructors who told me to be sure to “get published.”   I plan to enter the Journalism Bachelor’s Degree Program at Lehman College this coming Fall.  At present, I can see myself going all the way to a master’s degree, considering my outstanding performance at Hostos.  I shall continue to strive for excellence, and I feel that there is nothing that I cannot do.  Once my first book is published, I will be sure to inform ASAP of the important part it played in inspiring me along my journey.




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