Gretcher Hernandez


Hernandez CU


Hostos Community College ASAP '12


The Dominican Republic is my native country, the place where I grew up, where I lived my first experiences and was first educated. Since I was little, my family always encouraged me to study and they worked hard to provide me with a great education. But as the years were passing by, and the economy was getting worse, I started to see that it was no longer as easy as it had been for my father to pay for my education. My mom was already living in the United States, so I decided to come here, too,  in order to pursue my post-secondary studies, and build a better future for me and my family.


Here I thought that I would find good opportunities to receive a superior education. Although it wasn’t easy at the beginning and it continues to be hard, I was right because I found ASAP, a program that has saved my life and definitely helped me to pursue my career goals. I found out about ASAP because of a letter that I received, which invited me to be part of the program. I didn’t know a lot about what it brought to the students, but I was really interested in getting engaged in different activities and needed help due to my economic difficulties. After one of the advisors informed me about the advantages of being in the ASAP program, I fell in love with it. It was one of the best steps that I have taken in order to improve my college life.


Hernandez WS

Without any doubt, I really appreciate what ASAP has done for me, from monthly Metro cards to the face-to-face advisement that we receive. Besides, the ASAP program has also allowed me to strengthen my social skills. Before being part of the program, I didn’t know a lot of people and was shy and a little afraid of showing myself because I wasn’t a native in this country and was still getting used to the culture and the language. With ASAP seminars and the college’s leadership academy, I started to improve my skills and be more open to my classmates. Also, I have found extraordinary friends thanks to the ASAP classes and the tutoring time that we have shared, where, at the same time, I have obtained the necessary help to successfully deal with my classes.


ASAP has helped me to shape my educational goals. After I graduate from Hostos Community College, I plan to finish a bachelor’s degree in finance. Moreover, I want to continue my studies with a master’s degree in international relations. I would like to work in the banking system. Also, I would love to be engaged in international activities in order to help my country and some others to improve their economy.


I feel very grateful for and rewarded with everything that ASAP and Hostos Community College have given to me. I am certainly sure that I am prepared for the next step in my journey to success. I believe that a bright future is waiting for me and I can see that the path is not easy, but there will always be someone to help me along the way.



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