Miguel Mendez




Bronx Community College ASAP '13


My name is Miguel Mendez. Following my graduation from a Bronx high school, I bypassed college and started working jobs in New York City. For a number of years I gained skills on the job and held various management positions. The Great Recession of 2008 changed my life in a way I hadn’t foreseen, and I lost my job at FedEx. It was at this time I decided higher education was my best option for the present and my best option for my future. Putting the disappointment of losing my job behind me, I decided to enroll at Bronx Community College (BCC) in the spring of 2010 as a Business Management major. I chose Business Management because ever since I joined the work force as a teenager, I saw the lack of leadership, organization, professional skills and interpersonal skills at a number of my former places of work. I saw that more communication and feedback would likely enhance the work experience and increase efficiency. With this in mind, I strongly believe mangers must always demonstrate commitment to and model integrity for all employees. To me, it’s essential for managers to understand that the lower level needs (of employees) must be largely satisfied before higher level needs (of management) can become important. Needless to say, my professional experiences have shaped my academic and post-college career interests.


Now, when I picture myself as a Bronx Community College student, I realize how much I have grown and changed. I have been transformed by this educational institution and my education. Even more, the ASAP program has been the master key to opening doors to my future success. Its staff has provided me with the essential tools I need to meet my educational needs. They have become the primary generator of my energy to feed my immense desire to succeed. I will never be able to repay my debt to ASAP.  It offers a priceless opportunity to put your life on course and guide you on the path to accomplishing your dreams; it is a collective effort in which the answer to any question can be delivered right to my fingertips; it sharpens my thoughts to help me become a better problem solver, teaches me the value of helping others, and reminds me to give thanks to those who have impacted my life the most. Also, it has taught me not to back away from academic challenges, no matter how hard they get. Thank you ASAP!


 My academic achievements are a reflection of my work ethic, my motivation and my immense desire to succeed. I have dedicated myself to studying and to reaching my potential, and I have developed a fearless approach to academics and life’s barriers. I can say that education and business are now my passions. Currently, I have a 3.59 grade point average, and I am involved in various clubs and honor societies: I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Beta Gamma, the Honors Program, the Business Club, the Gardening Club, and the New York Needs You Fellowship Program. I am also on the Dean’s List. Through my experience in these programs and my experience in ASAP, I have learned that true stability can be gained through education.



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