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"From my first day in the program, ASAP has expanded my college experience. Though I had been away from school for many years, the program staff has assisted me in navigating my way through college."

Aliza Koszuk, Bronx Community College ASAP '11

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Luis Fuentes



"I want to be a teacher because I want to mold the minds of future thinkers who will shape the world long after I am gone. ASAP is allowing me to do this."

Luis Fuentes, Bronx Community College ASAP '09

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"I attend college as a full-time student, and I also have a part-time job which helps me to support my mother back home. It is not easy to manage my time between work and study, but I try to do my best. It is very important for me to be aware of what my goals are as a student. Sometimes I feel like giving up and I find myself complaining about how difficult it is to work and attend college at the same time. However, I realize that I am investing in my future, and that I have to keep fighting until I see my dreams come true."

Van Martinez Bronx Community College ASAP '10

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