Bronx ASAP Advisors Honor Graduates



Bronx ASAP Advisor Cyd Williams' Speech in Honor of 2010 ASAP Graduate Carlos Roldon:

"When I think of resiliency, the one thing that comes to mind is a rubber band.  A rubber band can withstand many pressures from many sources until it stretches no more.  And, when I think of perseverance visualize someone who keeps trying never looking at the obstacles before them as obstacles, but rather as life challenges with an outcome, even when they aren’t sure what those outcomes might be.  The person I speak of today has faced many challenges.  Some of those challenges might have caused many of us to give up on our life goals and dreams.  This person was on the verge of being kicked out of ASAP.  He was stubborn and frustrated.   He fought me in every way possible not to comply with the ASAP guidelines.  After having several serious talks with him, he picked himself up, dusted himself off, turned his F’s into A’s, got on the Dean’ List, had an article written in his honor by his English professor, and got a job in the Bronx Community College President’s Office. I am privileged and honored to know this individual and to present this "Advisor Award" to Carlos Roldan."




Bronx ASAP Advisor Hope Cotton's Speech in Honor of 2010 ASAP Graduate Nabil Djoumbaye:

"In looking through the Bronx ASAP student Handbook Planner, a quotation by Henry Ford stood out for me as it speaks to why Nabil Djoumbaye was nominated for the Advisor’s Award.  The quotation reads, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”  Despite a 40, 50 and sometimes even a 60 hour work week, and a full time college schedule, Nabil did not take his eyes off his goal—to pursue an A.S. degree in Business Administration.  It was not by any means easy, but with his positive attitude, consistent attendance to his classes as well as to advisement to review his progress, he forged through the exhaustion of long weeks filled with work, homework, tests, ASAP review sessions, and ASAP workshops.  Certainly, the adjectives resilience and perseverance describe his character.  As his ASAP Academic Advisor, I am very proud of Nabil Djoumbaye.  He now wishes to pursue acting at Lehman College. I know that he will also be successful in that endeavor."