Oluwabunmi (Bunmi) Alo




Borough of Manhattan Community College '13


What is the ASAP student community like?

It is a community of like-minded and focused individuals who work towards optimizing their maximum potential in order to graduate within the shortest time period. 


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

No one thing in particular makes ASAP unique because I think everything does, from getting assistance with tuition to having a close connection with one’s personal academic advisor/tutor(s) and career counselors.  The ASAP staff is always willing to do everything within their capacity to assist with your academic and non-academic issue(s) because they are not overloaded with students, as compared to the general advisors/tutors provided by the school itself.  Also, ASAP has the ability to offer job placement services, recommendations, internship placement services, free textbooks, and free metrocards, to name a few things… It’s just priceless!


What impact has ASAP had on your education?

ASAP has had an immense impact on my education.  The ability to pre-register for classes enables me to choose classes that are scheduled to accommodate my other schedules (I am an entrepreneur who goes to schools and also works full-time, and also have other personal activities).  This has allowed me to stay on track with my academics and to maintain a 3.91 GPA in my 4th semester. This has also allowed me to manage my time.


Why did you join ASAP?

To take absolute advantage of the tools and resources available to me; to not just graduate As Soon As Possible, but also to get the best grades anyone can possibly get, as I always strive to be the best in everything I do.


What were your first impressions of ASAP, and have they changed over time?

I initially thought that ASAP might be a waste of time or just one of those distractions that tend to get in your way in college.  Thankfully, however, I am usually open to trying new things/ideas, and ASAP also sounded like a program that I could benefit from.  In addition, the ASAP recruiter was quite polite and friendly.  Enrolling in ASAP turned out to be the greatest decision I made on entering into college.


What are your future plans?

My future plans are to pursue my education and to earn a post-graduate degree.  I want to become an established business owner/entrepreneur and philanthropist.



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