Carolin E. Valet




I don’t know how to start this, but let me start by saying my name is Carolin Esperanza Valet. I am one of two children in my family, me being the youngest and my brother being three years older than me. My parents came from the Dominican Republic 22 years ago, when my brother was one year old.  They came to this country for a better future for my brother, and then, two years later, I came along. Me being born with difficulties wasn’t easy for my family. Because of my father’s struggle to move forward and be the only provider for his family, I made my education a top priority in my life. Growing up in Richmond Hill, Queens, and with my mother’s guidance, I learned to be myself and accept myself for how I look and who I am.

Throughout my years in school I always worked hard to be one of the top students in my class. I also helped other students who struggled in class, especially in mathematics, my strongest and my favorite subject. When high school came I participated in many activities such as Law Club, the softball team, and the bowling team; I was manager of the swimming team and a Mathematics Lead tutor. Being active in school allowed me to enjoy my high school experience, but I never lost my focus on my education and my schoolwork. In my high school years I was placed in the law program, where I took courses such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law. I was also placed in Honors English courses and Advanced Placement Spanish and calculus. I was proud of the fact that I always managed to maintain an average of a 92 and above every semester.


After taking a year off after high school I applied to colleges and was accepted into all of the CUNY schools I had applied to. In the year I had taken off, my father was diagnosed with cancer and I had reconstructive surgery done. This placed a financial burden on my father’s shoulders. I began to visit the colleges that had accepted me. When I went to BMCC I found out about the ASAP program through Single Stop. After I gathered more information on the program, I decided I needed to become an ASAP student to help my father.


Before becoming an ASAP student I thought they would only help me with my financial needs, but that’s not all they do. They let you know you’re not alone by providing emotional support.  Throughout this first semester in BMCC as an ASAP student I have had five surgeries, and several doctor appointments for both my father and me, and the thing I value the most about ASAP is that they provide me with someone who appreciates my passion for school and my future, and someone who is concerned for my well-being.


After getting my associate degree I plan on focusing and working hard every day to obtain my psychology degree, which will help me towards my future goal of becoming a civil law family court children’s lawyer. Being part of ASAP has made me a more passionate and a stronger student, a student that will take advantage of the opportunities given to her to help her pursue her career and make her mother and father proud.  



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