ASAP Seminar

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The ASAP Seminar is a two-semester course required for all ASAP students. Students meet once a week at their ASAP campus for 8 - 10 weeks each semester, and cumulatively build skills from one meeting to the next. The course is non-credit and run by hired facilitators and ASAP advisors.


ASAP Seminar Mission Statement

To create a community among ASAP students and staff wherein students are empowered to make informed decisions and develop academic and life skills to become confident, proactive, and accountable participants in their educational and professional lives.


ASAP Seminar History and Development

The ASAP Seminar was launched at Kingsborough Community College by the ASAP team in 2007.  The Seminar was intended to engage students, build rapport and create a sense of community among ASAP students and staff.  It was later adapted by the other five participating ASAP community college programs using elements of Skip Downing’s On Course in 2009.

Wanting to provide students with the highest quality experience, all ASAP programs agreed to redevelop the ASAP Seminar in spring 2011.  A common mission statement was agreed upon in consultation with curriculum consultant Amy Prince, who spent the summer designing a common curriculum for the ASAP Seminar. Directors and staff from all ASAP programs contributed to the foundation of the common curriculum, which is in the process of being rolled out in fall 2011.


Course Description

The ASAP Seminar will give students the opportunity to reflect on their past learning, apply what they’ve learned to new situations, evaluate current choices and decisions, and create strategies and plans for the future. All topics, target skills, activities, and assessments are designed to support and promote student empowerment, informed decision-making, community-building, academic and life skill development, and individual accountability.

Through discussion, small group work, reflective writing, and other activities, students practice goal-setting, research techniques, interviewing strategies, and more, in addition to the critical thinking skills of summarizing, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating. Semilar students read articles, informational materials, maps, charts, and other documents and use them to create plans for their time in college and beyond.

Most importantly, students will use their time in the ASAP Seminar to learn about themselves and each other.  The seminar will help students learn to set priorities, manage their time, deal with stress, understand relationships, chart out their futures, and more.


Seminar Curriculum and Facilitator Guides Available

This important resource is currently available for high school counselors, college access professionals, college faculty, advisors and support staff to further support exploring the skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for a successful transition to college. For a closer look at the curriculum click here <pdf>.

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