2011 Queensborough Leadership Team

The "Big Red" Event



Project Description

On May 16 Queensborough's 2011 ASAP Leadership Program team held “The Big Red Event,” a fashion show designed to raise AIDS awareness and support HIV prevention.  The fashion show featured QCC students and friends wearing clothing in various shades of red.  It also featured speakers including family and friends of individuals with HIV/AIDS, as well as a HIV-positive individual.  Money was raised for Bailey House, an organization that provides housing and support services to homeless New Yorkers who are living with HIV/AIDS.



2011 Queensborough Leadership Team Members

Kenny Ayala, Jason Castillo, Yvonne Gonzalez, Stephanie Jerome, Cicely Scott, Danielle Izzo (Advisor)




What did you learn from the process of planning and executing your team project?

Evy: I learned that I can work with others and deal pretty well under pressure; I learned from others and how they work in a team, as well. I learned that being a leader isn't easy: it's not only leading, it’s learning when to let others lead, and learning when to let others lend a helping hand.

Cicely: I learn how to control my feelings and take others' views into consideration at all times.

Jason: I have learned that setting goals and communicating with each other led us to completing our team project.

Stephanie: We learned new ways to approach situations as our project went along.


What was your favorite part of working on your team project?

Cicely: Getting to know my fellow ASAPers.

Jason: My favorite part of working on our team project was taking one of our days from spring break, meeting up together, and visiting local stores around our school community to ask them for their participation or contribution to our fashion show community event on campus.

Stephanie: Doing the bake sales together and working really hard throughout the weeks to raise money for Bailey House and awareness for our ASAP community fashion event.

Evy: I think just working with everyone. We are definitely a diverse group. Coming up with ideas, even the little bumps in the road were fun. It was a great time overall.


QCCDo you think your team reached its goals in planning and executing your project?

Jason: Yes, I think our team reached and accomplished our goals in planning and executing our community project.  We raised over $2,400 in funds from sales and donations. We had a great turnout of people at our fashion show community event, which we worked very hard in organizing and producing.

Stephanie: Yes, I believe we did reach our goals and even more. We did an amazing job.

Evy: Overall, our event was a total success, and everything ran pretty smoothly. We not only raised money--with the elements (it was raining) and our personal time constraints against us. We also helped raised awareness for Bailey’s House and HIV/AIDS--and we helped everyone have a good time.



What’s been your favorite thing about being in the ASAP Leadership Program?

Cicely: Being able to contribute my time to a cause that means so much to me.

Evy: Just working with everyone and making something like this happen. This was probably the largest event I have ever helped coordinate, and having been a part of it, with such amazing people, was so worth it.

Jason: Working as a team and learning how to become a leader along the way.

Stephanie: Meeting new people, gaining new friendships, and networking with people in the ASAP Leadership program.


Were there any parts of your project that didn’t go as planned?  If so, how did you deal with the unexpected or difficult moments, and did you learn anything from them?

Stephanie: If there was anything that didn’t go as planned we emailed each other and tried to compromise with our issues.

Evy: There were a few bumps here and there. I think we were all equipped with the ‘making it happen’ kind of vibe. We had a lot of tenacity. There were a couple of issues with time, but it all worked out beyond our expectations.

Jason: Not communicating more with other school club organizations like Student Government Association (SGA) in organizing our community event. I learned not to be timid and to be open to asking for a helping hand in creating any big event in the future. Overall, we were able to use the resources that we had to make the best event possible.



What impact has the ASAP Leadership Program had on you as a student and as a person?

Evy: I became a stronger person and learned to manage my pride. I learned that getting help from others isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I also learned that there are better ways to solve a problem than just running away from it or yelling; I’ve always known this, but to practice it with people you don’t really know just changes you.

Stephanie: It just made me feel like I'm a part of something. It felt good to work on something with fellow students and it really taught me a lot about how to deal with issues in real life.

Cicely: Seeing how grateful Bailey House was made me see that I need to donate more time and energy to charity.

Jason: Going through all the obstacles and adversity leading towards our event helped me learn how to manage my time and values to become a leader. I also learned to be more responsible as a student.



How will you apply the lessons or skills you’ve learned through participating in this experience—in the classroom, in your career, and/or in your life in general?

Jason: Any time in my life--working with classmates, professors, my family, and other people. The program has helped me learn how to communicate and plan things for the future.

Stephanie: I will just remember everything that I was taught and use it in my everyday life--in school, at work, at home, with friends.

Evy: I'll use the lessons in trying to get an idea out, when trying to work with others, and even just to motivate myself.

Cicely: Knowing how to communicate and listen to the views of others is a skill that will help me for the rest of my life.