2011 BMCC Leadership Team

ASAP Action and Awareness Project



Project Description

On Friday, May 27 the 2011 BMCC ASAP Leadership Program team held a talent show as a part of its 2011 project, “ASAP Action and Awareness Project.”  At the talent show the team collected donations including canned goods, clothing, books, and monetary contributions.  The team also collected donations on campus in the weeks leading up to the show.



2011 BMCC Leadership Team

Gladys Berrios, Ashley Bonte, Christopher Evans, Denzel Holder, Quenta Howard, Nadine Browne (Advisor)







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What did you learn from the process of planning and executing your team project?

Quenta: I learned that absolutely nothing in life is smooth sailing and plans are always subject to change, Yet with quick responsive communication to address any issues that may arise we can execute anything effectively.  However, it takes the communication and efforts of each member of the leadership team to be a success.


Ashley: That you can't really plan something in a few days.  You need to take the time out to plan and re-plan and get each and every thing done--making sure about the food, getting a room, promoting, getting a host, etc. Everything is a process and it's great to handle things one at a time and it makes your event more of a success because it was organized properly.






What was your favorite part of working on your team project?

Quenta: My favorite part of working on the team project was the talent selection process.  Looking back at the event, it was a success because all leadership members took part in the talent selection and communicated effectively with the various talent.  It was a fun and very entertaining process that was necessary to boost our motivation and see the reality of the event come true.


Ashley: My favorite part about working on the team project was seeing my final work complete--to see how much of a great outcome you can have if you just have a positive attitude, and you make the effort to do things that you probably originally didn't want to do. Working together was also good--to see someone else's ideas and your own collaborated together.




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Do you think your team reached its goals in planning and executing your project?

Chris: I think our team reached the ultimate goals we aimed for, and executed our project in deep style. It was a worthwhile experience, and I gained a lot of communication skills through planning our event.









What’s been your favorite thing about being in the ASAP Leadership Program?

Chris: My favorite thing about being in the ASAP Leadership Program was planning and executing the tasks with my fellow leadership team members. I always looked forward to meetings and hearing each teammate's ideas.






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Were there any parts of your project that didn’t go as planned?  If so, how did you deal with the unexpected or difficult moments, and did you learn anything from them?

Denzel: There was one incident where some performers didn't show up. However, the team prepared for just such a scenario so the issue was handled easily. I learned that people are imperfect and not everyone will show up on time or at all. All you can do is work around that hurdle to complete the task.









What impact has the ASAP Leadership Program had on you as a student and as a person?


Gladys: The ASAP Leadership Program has truly shown me that I can accomplish all my goals. Whether in school, at home, or at the workplace, I feel I can overcome whatever obstacle comes my way.  I used to feel,scared, timid, and shy, but my ASAP Leadership Program team helped me gain enough confidence to withstand anything.  For me, this was the greatest impact.








How will you apply the lessons or skills you’ve learned through participating in this experience—in the classroom, in your career, and/or in your life in general?


Gladys: I will apply each lesson/skill I’ve gained by not being too timid.  In the past I would always tend to stay quiet due to fear of rejection. I can be more outspoken in class now, and within my career or in life general. My ASAP Leadership team members allowed me to understand that in life you have to take chances and not to miss any opportunity!


Denzel: I have learned from my group members to be more outspoken. I feel I have taken this into each of my classes and even in my personal life. I have somewhat gotten over my shyness but I know I still have a long way to go. I thank each and every one of my group members and our facilitator for their help in starting a change within me.