2009 Queensborough Leadership Team




Project Description

On Thursday, May 14, 2009, the 2009 Queensborough ASAP Leadership Team hosted an event to benefit homeless children by improving their summer camp experiences.   Ms. Donna Anderson of the organization "Homes for the Homeless" spoke briefly at the start of the event.  "Homes for the Homeless" is a local homeless shelter with which the QCC ASAP program has previously partnered to hold a service learning program.  The Drive-n-Movie collected donations of useful summer camp items--camping supplies, sports equipment, clothing, toiletries, bedding, kitchen goods, and much more--to benefit homeless children.  Each donation earned ASAP students and their guests admission to a film screening of The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) starring Will Smith. The film chronicles the real-life experience of stock broker Chris Gardner, who completed an unpaid six-month internship while living homeless on the streets of San Francisco with his young son.


QCC ASAP Leadership Team

Denise Miceli, Kayla Berenson, Michael Daley, and Vanessa Restrepo; Danielle Izzo (Advisor Facilitator).



How did you decide on this project, and what do you hope to achieve for your community?

Kayla: Because of the current economy, this is an especially important issue; homelessness is always with us. We thought that this would be a reminder to people. Our goal is to educate people about our selected organization, Homes for the Homeless. We hope to facilitate more public involvement with this organization. I am especially interested in their need for funding for a summer camp--I had great fun at camp when I was younger, and I want to make it possible for other kids to have the same experience.

Vanessa: Our event is open to everyone! We want this to demonstrate giving back to the community.


What have you learned through planning this project together?

Mike: I have always considered myself a visionary--an idea person. I have learned to listen to the ideas of others better.

Denise: I have learned to reach out, connect, and bring what I learn back to our team. 

Kayla: I have become more socially aware. I am usually a loner, but I see this project as something that will help others, which has really made a personal impact on me.