2010 LaGuardia Leadership Team


ASAP Talent Show and Food Drive


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Project Description

 The 2010 LGCC ASAP Leadership Team hosted a talent show to promote a sense of community, showcase the talented student body, and collect donations for a local food pantry. Auditions were held at the end of April, where singers, musicians, poets, and dancers all signed up to be a part of the celebratory event.  They performed to a packed crowd of students, ASAP staff, and supporters.  The event culminated with a number of impromptu encore presentations by audience members, and everyone expressed interest in having the event again next year.    




2010 LGCC ASAP Leadership Team

 Akua Dinizulu, George Taveras, Lori Slater (Advisor Facilitator)





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How did you decide on this project, and what do you hope to achieve?

Akua: We wanted to do something that would appeal to a lot of different people and a lot of students would want to come to.


What have you learned through planning this project together?

Akua: I learned how to manage my time.  I had to balance working, school, and the tasks I was responsible for during this leadership project.  Although it was a challenge, we were pretty organized and met at the same time every week to give each other feedback on tasks.


Do you have any advice to give to future ASAP Leadership participants?

Akua: Make sure you have enough time to do all your tasks.  Don’t push things off until the last minute because there will always be more stuff to do.