2009 Hostos Leadership Team


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Project Description

 On Friday, April 3, 2009, the 2009 Hostos ASAP Leadership Team held a recruitment luncheon and college panel for prospective new students who were interested in joining ASAP in fall 2009. Student leaders addressed a crowd of about 50 people, which included continuing students from Hostos Community College, and high school and GED students from the "At Home in College Bridge" program at Hostos-Lincoln Academy and CUNY Preparatory Transitional High School. Student leaders shared information about ASAP benefits, requirements and resources, and testified to their own experiences in the program. Student leader Marvin Canales reported that "there was a lot of enthusiasm and determination in the audience after we spoke about ASAP. We believe that the event stimulated lot of interest in the program and many students are interested in joining the ASAP family at Hostos."

2009 Hostos ASAP Leadership Team

Hing Ying Lei, Shyanne Carpenter, Naadya Abdoulaye, Marvin Canales, and Janis Jimenez; Edwin Diaz (Advisor Facilitator)