2010 Hostos Leadership Team


End of the Year Celebration and Food Drive


Project Description

The 2010 Hostos ASAP Leadership Team worked together to plan an end of the year celebration for students to socialize and de-stress before finals.  In addition to coordinating the event logistics and fun activities for their peers, they set up a food drive and collected donations for the East Harlem Council for Human Services Senior Nutrition Program. 


2010 Hostos ASAP Leadership Team

Sinai Cuahutenco, Luis Espinal, Wilfredo Flete, Lora Emilio, Lissette Jourdain (Advisor Facilitator)



How did you decide on this project, and what do you hope to achieve?

Sinai: We came up with a lot of ideas and then decided that we needed to be more realistic.  We wanted to do something for the community and encourage the Hostos community to participate.  We wanted it to be fun but education oriented.


What have you learned through planning this project together?

Sinai: Being the only female in the group was sometimes intimidating, I had difficulty sharing my ideas.  I learned that communication  is important to make sure everyone is on the same page and has the same priorities. 


Do you have any advice for future leaders in ASAP?

Sinai: Although it’s supposed to be fun as opposed to stressful, you shouldn’t take things lightly.  Don’t be intimidated by the project.  Each member should take responsibility to motivate each other.  At the end it really feels great when you accomplish something.