LaGuardia 2011




In spring 2011 the BMCC ASAP Leadership Program team participated in a series of workshops led by the CUNY Creative Arts Team (CAT).  Here's what they had to say about the experience:



Thinking back on the CAT Leadership Program workshops you’ve participated in, what has been your favorite activity so far—and why did you like it?


“The activity that I liked the most was the brainstorm appointments where all of us were thinking about how what we do that can reflect on our community.”

               ~ Shenouda Ayad



What have you learned from the workshops?


“I learned that being able to communicate and having respect for each other within a group plays a vital role when  planning and executing our team project.”

               ~ Denise Gonzales

“I have learned that one important key to being a good leader is to respect everyone, and give considerable amount of care to the group who I am a leader of.”

               ~ Shenouda Ayad


How will you apply the lessons or skills you’ve learned in the workshops—in the classroom, in your career, and/or in your life in general?


“Especially when I try to make a study group with my classmates, all the techniques I have learned so far from the leadership workshops will help me a lot.”

               ~ Shenouda Ayad