2009 Bronx Leadership Team


Fitting In and Surviving: Dealing with the Challenges of a Senior College

Project Description

On Thursday, April 23, 2009 the 2009 Bronx Community College ASAP Leadership Team held a workshop to prepare ASAP students for the academic and social challenges of transferring to a CUNY senior college. Speakers included former Bronx Community College students who had transferred to a senior college, a current Baruch student, a transfer adviser from Lehman College, and a faculty member who teaches both at Bronx and Lehman Colleges.


2009 Bronx ASAP Leadership Team

Janjummeh Dukuray, Luis Fuentes, Quinton MacDonald, Estee Mills, Hosiery Pimentel, and David Valentin; Hope Cotton (Advisor Facilitator)



How did you decide upon this project, and what do you hope the workshop will achieve for your community?

Luis: In our conversation, one of our team members was talking about transferring to a four year college; she had various anxieties about it, and about how it would be different.

David: This discussion led us to believe that we all had similar questions about the transition to a senior college: what would it be like? Our goal is to create an environment of unity.

Luis: We want to extend what we have learned in ASAP for our future, both academically and socially. What we have learned in ASAP has helped us to overcome anxiety we had about the college environment. We're hoping to accomplish more confidence-building through this project.


What have you learned through planning this project together?

David: This project is helping us to see more of what leadership involves: organizing, planning, logistics, teamwork. This has taught me about being part of a team instead of just going off on my own.

Luis: Patience! I am learning to balance my enthusiasm with planning, rather than "just jumping in a doing it."

Quinton: I am gaining better communication skills--listening as much as speaking.