2009 BMCC Leadership Team


Leaving Your Legacy


Project Description

The 2009 BMCC ASAP Leadership Team created a "BMCC ASAP Alumni" website.  Each student who created a profile on the site was entered into a drawing for an iPod Nano. The site promotes connection among ASAP students that will foster a network at particular senior colleges and that will help ASAP students maintain connection after leaving BMCC. Future discussion thread topics could include "majors", "applications processes" and "lessons learned". The Leadership Team also made short presentations at the ACE101 Workshops to display and discuss the new website. The website was also used as a site for planning an ASAP Graduate recognition ceremony.


2009 BMCC ASAP Leadership Team

Kionnel Lyons, Robin Johnson, Christina Chairs, and Kamil Dabkowski; Chris Allen (Advisor Facilitator)



How did you decide on this project, and what do you hope to achieve?

Robin: As we are the first group of ASAP students, we thought that creating an alumni association would be a good way to leave a legacy.

Christina: Social networking sites are very popular now; this will be a great way to track what we're all doing after ASAP.  We also thought that it would be beneficial for future networking: finding jobs, increasing our skill sets, and learning to collaborate.  


What have you learned through planning this project together?

Robin: I recognized that teamwork is meaningless without a team, and how important it is to communicate and share ideas in order to come to consensus.

Christina: In general, I've developed diligence; I've learned to stick with it.  I've also come to appreciate the importance of giving back to my community.