2010 BMCC Leadership Team


ASAP Outreach Recruitment Video

BMCC Leadership Program Team Photo


Project Description

The 2010 BMCC ASAP Leadership Team collaborated with their campus media center to create an outreach and recruitment video.  The team took the lead on all aspects of pre and post production and worked diligently to produce a high-quality video using state-of-the-art software.  They enlisted support  from their peers, ASAP staff, and faculty members who appear in the video to highlight the close-knit community and the benefits of being part of the ASAP family.  BMCC ASAP Director Lesley Leppert anticipates that the video will serve as an important part of recruitment efforts. 

2010 BMCC ASAP Leadership Team

Betty Arias, Denise Ford, Anival Gonzalez, Kerry-Ann Hinds, Nashawn Osborne, Aqueel Abdus-Salaam, Nadine Browne (Advisor Facilitator) 



How did you decide on this project, and what do you hope to achieve?

Anival: We wanted to do something different, and thought it would be good to do a video on ASAP.  We wanted to help other students gain a better understanding of the program and what it has to offer and give something back to ASAP.


How would you describe your experience?

Betty: It was a wonderful experience although finding a time when we could all meet was hard since our schedules were all different.  As a mother and a wife it was hard for me to juggle the project with responsibilities and school. Yet we all took turns pitching in and stepping up when others weren’t available and we always kept the ball in the air. 


What have you learned through planning this project together?

Anival: I learned how to be a better team member.  It’s never about you, it’s always about we.  I learned how to listen and take in other people’s ideas in order to come up with the best possible approach.

Do you have any advice to give to future ASAP leaders?

Anival: Keep focused and work hard, nothing is impossible.

Betty: Do your research before starting a project and see what your resources are.  May seem easier than you think, but you need to do your homework.