Liang Lin




2013 Queensborough Community College Leadership Program Team Member

My name is Liang Lin, and I graduated from Flushing International High School in 2011. I heard of the ASAP program accidentally and couldn’t believe that such a terrific program existed. I’m not sure what has attracted others to apply, but for me it was simply because I saw that ASAP offers FREE MetroCards and textbooks. But that was only at the beginning.

Most things would be paid off by your school if you were attending a NYC public high school, but you need to pay for everything in college. ASAP is a program designed to lower students’ burdens both financially and academically. ASAP helps students to fully focus on study and not to worry too much about the expenses. Indeed, I was initially only attracted by the word “FREE” with MetroCards and textbooks, and later on I realized the program also allows students to take FREE winter and summer classes. However, I feel the most valuable privilege of ASAP is the academic advisement. Many students don’t like to meet with their academic advisor and I just don’t understand. Advisements aren’t like lectures; it only takes 10 minutes for a session. The purpose of the advisement is to make sure that everything is on track for you so that you are able to graduate on time. Remember, the average amount of time that a student takes to graduate from a community college is 6 years. And ASAP is here to help you to achieve an associate’s degree within 3 years or less. My friend graduated from ASAP program in 1.5 years.

If you aren’t an ASAP student, let me tell you what you have to do to make sure that you can register successfully. You first need to decide which major you want to study, and try to figure out which division it belongs to. Then you need to find their office, and talk to the front desk person to schedule an appointment, and then come back on your scheduled day. If the advisor somehow chose to be absent on that day, you would then need to repeat the process all over again, and remember, we have 16,000 students on campus, and classes will be filled in a second. But in ASAP, here is a different atmosphere; the student manager can help you register for classes, and can help you with many other things, too. They are so kind and approachable. I believe that I’ve earned my successes here because of my adviser.

I was not sure what to study when I first entered college and worried so much about many things. But if you’re part of the ASAP community, you’re not alone.  Your entire cohort is here with you to get through the most difficult moments at Queensborough. You will see what I mean by this when you are participating in your ASAP Summer Institute.