2013 Queensborough Leadership Team



2013 Queensborough Leadership Team: Jenna Acquaviva, Liang Lin, Erika Herrera

Staff Advisor: Rosanna Fernandez



Leadership Team Stories




"[The Summer Institute] appeared to be just another annoying requirement—some random corny group team building that, for some reason, all institutions feel obligated to require when a large group is entering some type of program. I had no idea that this part of ASAP, the Summer Institute, would not only affect my experience here at Queensborough, but that would change my life."

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"Thanks to ASAP’s support I’m still on the path to achieve my goals. I will never regret my delay to a senior college. And now I can finally say that I am a proud QCC student and leader for ASAP 2013."

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"I was not sure what to study when I first entered college and worried so much about many things. But if you’re part of the ASAP community, you’re not alone.  Your entire cohort is here with you to get through the most difficult moments..."

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