2013 Kingsborough Leadership Team



2013 Kingsborough Leadership Team: Batala Aristide, Oxwell Ojo, Boaz Anicet

Staff Advisor: Jonelle Gulston



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"From all the way back to elementary school, I’ve never been a good student. I’ve just managed to get by through procrastination and then looking for back doors or just doing the bare minimum... Right now I’m doing well in school and plan to continue my education after KBCC using the planning and time management skills I’ve learned in ASAP."

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"ASAP is the light that sparked my interest in school and has made learning a fun experience for me.  I began by quoting Wasalu Jaco:  'One closed chapter it opens up another part, so this is more like the end, question mark.'  Ever since joining ASAP, not only do I know what the next chapter looks like, but now I have a pretty good feeling about how the story ends."

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"Heidi is the reason why I am where I’m at today. If I hadn’t gone for the one-on-one meeting with her at that specific stage of my life when I had it a little rough, I don’t think I would be taking school seriously today... Not only Heidi, but every ASAP participant has had a great impact on me, and I am thankful for that every day because I now wake up wanting to face new challenges without questioning my abilities.."

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