2013 Hostos Leadership Team



2013 Hostos Leadership Team: Joyce Ramos, Shaniqua McClellan

Staff Advisor: Berkis Cruz



Leadership Team Stories





"My advisor was there for me whether the issue concerned school or not. The career advisement specialist helped me with my professionalism, helping me to make my resume more marketable and preparing me for prospective interviews with mock ones. The ASAP staff were easily accessible to me and became people who I trust and confide in... I get goose bumps wondering how I could have done all of this on my own."

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"...I realized then that I had a void that hadn’t been filled.  My father’s words came back to haunt me: “YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IT.”  My husband and I sat down to discuss me going back to school and what it would mean to us... Let’s just say the rest is history.  So never give up, anything is possible. I stand before you as proof."

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