2013 Bronx Leadership Team


Bronx Community College

2013 Bronx Leadership Team: Francine Francis, Johan De La Cruz, Jason Barbosa

Staff Advisor: Betty LeCadre



Leadership Team Stories



"Jumping forward in time to now, I realize that ASAP is an every-kind-of-student program. The environment they provided us through our weekly seminars, adviser meetings and cohort placement, fostered a safe, accepting place for us to have both academic and social success"

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"Ever since I enrolled in ASAP, school has not been a sacrifice anymore but a privilege and an investment. ASAP has provided me with the balance of finance, support and guidance.  This opportunity has opened many doors. Being part of the program has given me the clarity as to where I am going, how I will get there, when and why I want to get there.  I feel that I am accomplishing my life’s ambitions along with my academic goals."

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"My college advisor... received an email from a Mr. Javier Legasa, who informed him that I qualified for the ASAP program... When I was told about the email, I leaped for joy down the corridor of my school, as a wealth of worries dissipated from my shoulders. I did matter after all, and somewhere in CUNY there was a program called ASAP that was willing to give me the chance to go to school for free so I could keep on shooting for the moon."

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