2013 BMCC Leadership Team



2013 BMCC Leadership Team: Celeste Mota, Lydia Amoa-Owusu, Deian Alert

Staff Advisor: Gregory Bryant



Leadership Team Stories



"Determined and dedicated to anything I put my mind to, I continued on my journey even when I only had $10 in my pocket. After about two months as a freshman I passed an office and out of curiosity I decided to enquire inside about what they were about... I was told to go online and schedule an appointment for an information session because I qualified for the program. Can I tell you that even if I’d had $5000 in my pocket, nothing could have made me happier?"

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"I knew that in order to create a better future for my children and myself, I had to attend and succeed in college. Even though ASAP benefits you financially with a monthly MetroCard, a tuition waiver, smaller classes, and free textbooks, my advisor Nadine has been my God-sent angel."

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"Yes, ASAP offers free books, free tutoring and free MetroCards. ASAP also offers honest, reliable and caring support that will guarantee that you will gain the confidence to become who you really want to be. Thanks to ASAP, I have learned that there will always be obstacles that life will throw at me, but because of ASAP I have learned that there is a solution for any problem."

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