2012 Queensborough Leadership Team


Break the Cycle, Speak Up for Yourself, Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence



2012 Queensborough Leadership Team

Nathaly Callejas, Cristina Enriquez, Clariza Mayo, Danielle Miceli, Danielle Izzo-Buckner (Facilitator)


QCC Flyer



Project Description

Break the Cycle will feature two events. The first is a talk by a representative from the "White Ribbon Campaign," an organization that houses women who have been abused and where all the money that we are raising will go.  The second event will feature a self-defense instructor and is meant to help women to be encouraged to stand and speak up against domestic violence. We will also hold a raffle, and serve pizza and drinks. The main goal of the event is to raise money for "White Ribbon Campaign" and to raise awareness that domestic violence is problem that is going on around the world today.


Project Date

May 2, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.





QCC Speaker


What did you learn from the process of planning and executing your team project?


Nathaly: I learned that it is always good to plan in advance while working on a team project.

Danielle M.: I learned that team work is better than working alone; there is always room to count on other people.





What was your favorite part of working on your team project?


Cristina: My favorite part of working on our team project was working together to combine everyone's ideas to come up with something truly amazing.

Clariza: Being part of the leadership team brought great experiences to my life. My favorite part was the time we collected gift cards. This moment showed me how close I had become to students I didn’t know at the beginning but who shared my goals.



QCC Panel

Do you think your team reached its goals in planning and executing your project?

Nathaly: We knew what we wanted and what to do to achieve it.  We had great communication.

Danielle M.: I believe my team exceeded our goals for our project, and brought together ideas from each team member.




What’s been your favorite thing about being in the ASAP Leadership Program?

Cristina: My favorite thing about being in the ASAP Leadership program has been being surrounded with people who have the desire to succeed.

Clariza: Just simply  knowing that I was able to help others made the Leadership Team experience one of a kind.



QCC Demo

Were there any parts of your project that didn’t go as planned?  If so, how did you deal with the unexpected or difficult moments, and did you learn anything from them?

Nathaly: Not everybody showed up to the event; however, we enjoyed it. I learned not to get frustrated and always plan solutions for possible outcomes.

Danielle M.: We didn't plan on having such a hard time finding a self-defense instructor, but we all took to trying to find someone to do it. It is always good to have a plan B because not everything goes as planned.



What impact has the ASAP Leadership Program had on you as a student and as a person?

Cristina: As a student whom never liked working in groups, the ASAP Leadership Program has definitely changed that because I now realize how different ideas are stronger than just a single idea. As a person, the ASAP Leadership Program has strengthened my communication skills.

Clariza: I have become a true leader; I am more open, more self-aware and obtained a stronger urge to help others. I now know what working together we can achieve and the notable difference we can make.





How will you apply the lessons or skills you’ve learned through participating in this experience—in the classroom, in your career, and/or in your life in general?

Nathaly: I learned to control my emotions so that I will not get frustrated if things do not work the way I plan. I learned how to manage a to do list to plan in advanced and be able to divide up a job.

Danielle: I will carry this experience through the rest of my life, it will encourage me to volunteer more, and let me know I can succeed in my goals.