2012 Hostos Leadership Team


Stress and Health Awareness for All



2012 Hostos Leadership Team

Jemair Lewis, Shpresim Haxai, Jhanna Nolasco Ramirez, Amabell Rodriguez, Lissette Jourdain (Facilitator)







Project Description

Stress and Health Awareness for all is an event geared to bringing health awareness to the community. Free blood pressure and dental screenings and free massages and yoga workshops will be offered to help people take simple steps to manage stress and be more aware of their personal health.



Project Date

May 5, 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.








What did you learn from the process of planning and executing your team project?         


Jhanna: I learned from the process how important  communication is and how important it is to trust other people while working as a team.


Jemair: I learned that it is very important to prioritize tasks and develop good time management  skills in order to effectively progress in planning a project, and even in life.







What was your favorite part of working on your team project?



Jhanna: Even though sometimes our ideas differed from one another, I liked the way in which at the end we mixed up all our ideas or agreed on the one that was better for us.







Do you think your team reached its goals in planning and executing your project?


Jhanna: My team absolutely reached its goals, and even more so than I expected. Our project was a complete success thanks to the effort of each member.


Jemair: I absolutely believe that we reached our goals and exceeded them in both planning and executing our project. We accomplished a great deal while collaborating and respecting one another’s ideas and contributions, and in the end our event turned out to be a success. We received great feedback from our participants and hope that we made a lasting impact in their lives.








What’s been your favorite thing about being in the ASAP Leadership Program?


Jhanna: In the end, getting to know  my team members better and establishing a friendship between us, as well as helping my community, were the best gifts that I could have received by being part of this program.





TestWere there any parts of your project that didn’t go as planned?  If so, how did you deal with the unexpected or difficult moments, and did you learn anything from them?


Jemair: Initially, my team reserved the gymnasium at our school, but due to some last minute changes and some help from staff members at Hostos, we had to occupy another room for the event. The room that we utilized for our event actually provided us with a more structured and organized working space and with the help of each team member and volunteer we made the best out of the space and time that we had for our event.


Jhanna: When we were told that the location in which we planned the event from the beginning was not available that day, I must admit that was bad news for us, but we were positive and tried to solve the problem and we found another place that allowed us to perform our event successfully.




BackWhat impact has the ASAP Leadership Program had on you as a student and as a person?


Jhanna: As a student it helped me learn more about how to work in teams and how to manage time and be responsible. As an individual it helped me realize that I can count on others if I trust them and that with effort, everything is possible.


Jemair: The ASAP Leadership Program actually helped me prioritize my responsibilities as a team member and as a student. Helping to plan such an event gave me a newfound sense of responsibility and experience that translated into my life as a student and growth as a person.




FoodHow will you apply the lessons or skills you’ve learned through participating in this experience—in the classroom, in your career, and/or in your life in general?


Jemair: I honestly think that participating in the Leadership program has made me a stronger student and person. Not only have I learned how to be more proactive in my community but I have also learned about the importance of trust when working with others and how important it is to ask for help if you need it because ultimately everyone needs a little guidance sometimes. No one has to go through the journey of life alone and there is always support out there for you, you just have to embrace it.


Jhanna: The ASAP Leadership Program will always be a good experience that helped me grow not only as a student, but as an individual. Getting to help my community and making efforts to achieve a common goal are the processes that I learned and that I know are the key elements to succeed as a professional and as a human being.