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Creative Arts Team Workshops

From 2009 - 2012, ASAP Leadership Teams participated in workshops led by the CUNY Creative Arts Team (CAT). Through these workshops students practiced skills of strong leadership: teamwork, confident public speaking, active listening, advocating for self and others, and promoting mutual tolerance and respect.

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2012 Leadership Teams

The 2012 ASAP Leadership Teams at each of ASAP's campuses planned an exciting lineup of  projects and events.  Among them were two domestic violence awareness events, a mentoring program, and a health awareness day that included free blood pressure and dental screenings. 

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2011 Leadership Teams

ASAP's 2011 Leadership Program teams put together a wide variety of projects: a fashion show to support AIDS awareness, a culture festival, two talent shows, a "Green Festival," and a campus mural.

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2009 - 10 Leadership Teams

ASAP Leadership Program teams completed a broad range of projects in 2009 and 2010, including talent shows, food drives, and projects aiming at recruiting future students for the ASAP program. 

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