Angela Molfetas '09




LaGuardia Community College ASAP

Hunter College '11


I grew up in Queens, New York, in a one-bedroom apartment on Woodside Avenue. My parents divorced when I was young and this, I believe, along with extreme financial hardships, made my educational experience unpleasant. I went to Catholic school and felt as if I did not fit in. When I got to high school I completely lacked interest in my studies. Unfortunately, I dropped out four months before graduation and obtained a GED a few years later.


Furthering my education was never my goal.  I loved to work.  I was fortunate to be a part of two great companies that paid well and allowed me to advance my skills.  However, after I had my daughter in 2006, my feelings changed.  In reflecting on my life, I realized that my career was not fulfilling and I wanted to set a better example for my child.  A year later I received a letter from the CUNY Accelerated Studies in Associate Programs (ASAP) informing me of my possible eligibility for the program and inviting me to an orientation. 


This was a turning point in my life.  Not only did ASAP give me the opportunity to get an education; it also gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.  I immediately enrolled in a paralegal program at LaGuardia Community College.  After completing my associate’s degree, I received a transfer scholarship to Hunter College from the ASAP Program as a result of my academic excellence.  I am currently enrolled at Hunter College, and I am majoring in the Women and Gender Studies program.  I will be graduating in May 2011.


When I entered into ASAP, I thought it would only serve as a financial resource. However, ASAP proved to be much more than that.  Being a part of ASAP meant belonging to a nurturing, supportive community. The program provides the tools students need to be successful. The staff was always ready and willing to help in my endeavors, and for that I owe them my great appreciation. College life can be a bit overwhelming. With the ASAP program, intimate attention is given to your needs—class registration, academic support, tutoring, career advice, and, most importantly, the confidence that is imperative to achieving your highest goals. I always felt a sense of belonging, a sense that I deserved to be there and to receive the best education possible.


Students within the ASAP program were also very supportive of each other. Some of my best friends now are students I met in the program. We were always a family who cared for one another and had a sense that we were doing it all together.


I will be graduating this May 2011 and will be attending the graduate program in counseling at Hunter’s School of Education. I am excited to start this new endeavor. I attribute my decision to become a school counselor to the ASAP program. Having witnessed the difference that caring, patient, well-trained counselors can make, I realize that this is what the educational system needs and should be about.  ASAP serves as a model for what students need to be successful and how the school system can provide the right resources.


ASAP not only changed me as a student but more so changed my life. Without ASAP, I would not be where I am now and would not be able to set an example for my family. I am now a better member of society and a better-rounded individual with a sense of community and support. Five years ago I would have never thought I would be on my way to earning my master’s degree and becoming an integral part of the educational system. I am forever thankful to the program and hope that future students can be afforded the same exceptional experience I had.



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